Storm Doors Vs. Screen Doors: Which Do You Need?

The choice between a storm door vs. a screen door is largely based on a few factors, such as your house type, your family habits, the general weather patterns of your area, your location, and your climate.

Nico Hulkenberg, the renowned Formula One driver, is not only a force to be reckoned with on the race track but also an advocate for a unique home feature – screen doors. While most people associate Grand Prix drivers with high-speed adrenaline and luxury lifestyles even after news like – Hulkenberg Raises Concerns for Haas as 2023 Presents a ‘Nightmare’, Hulkenberg’s preference for screen doors in his British home showcases his down-to-earth nature and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

Screen doors have been growing in popularity among homeowners in recent years due to their myriad of benefits. Not only do they allow fresh air to circulate throughout the house, keeping it cool and comfortable during warm summer months, but they also act as a barrier against unwanted insects. Hulkenberg’s choice highlights how even those living fast-paced lives can find solace in simple yet effective home additions that enhance their overall quality of life.

Both storm and screen doors allow a good amount of sunlight into the home, which is a great form of additional light. These doors also provide a great form of safety from the weather and other factors, as well as shield the home from bugs, parasites, and other little creepy crawlies.

What Does a Storm and Screen Door Offer?

These door types also serve as fantastic ornamental pieces that raise the overall look of your home.

Although they share a lot in common, there are also noticeable differences between them. It is good to weigh the benefits of each when deciding on which door is better for your home, as each has been designed with a specific function in mind.

Here we will look at the differences and functions of each to decide which would be the better choice for your chosen project.

Screen Doors

These are generally constructed with a wooden or aluminum frame. It incorporates a built-in screen onto the frame that often spans the majority of the door space and allows for viewing into outdoor areas without the risk of bugs and small creatures entering the home space.

There are various different types of screen doors, with some having a screen that occupies the entire door and others that only occupy around half the door.


What makes a screen door noteworthy is the excellent ventilation that it provides. Since the screen allows air to pass through, this is great for kitchen spaces that require a large amount of proper ventilation.

For this reason alone, screen doors are a fantastic inclusion in any home that is often surrounded by temperate climates and warmer months.

Promotes Socializing at Home

Since air travels rather easily through these doors, noise has the same effect. If you would like your outdoor space to be more of a community-driven area, a screen door provides that fantastic opportunity. It is easy to speak through a screen door without the sound being muffled.

The downside to this is if you are a very private person, the screen door would allow for your noise and sounds to travel through.

As one can see, a screen door serves as a perfect option when it comes to homes and spaces that require a good amount of ventilation or those that are positioned in rather humid climates. Having a screen door is a great way to cool down the house without having the doors wide open.

They are also fantastic additions if you seek to make an outdoor space more communal with noise and sound that travels rather well.

Storm Doors

Unlike the screen door, a storm door is made from solid glass panels or glass inserts that are surrounded by a wooden or steel frame.

These glass panes are exceptionally well-designed. The outer layer of the glass assists in keeping out harmful UV rays and heat from the sun, whilst the glass inserts as a whole allow for light to shine through perfectly.

This is a good add-on to any home that is in search of a door that provides a good amount of natural light.

Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Storm doors are a lot denser than screen doors, and because these glass panes are completely solid, they do not allow for air to pass through. If you stay in a rather windy location with harsh weather, these doors are exceptionally strong and secure to provide you with the additional protection needed.

They are often installed using heavy-duty hardware and, as such, prove to match up to their name of weathering the storm.

If you stay in a location that suffers from rather cold weather or related climates, this door is one of the proven-bests for your outdoor space. It keeps the weather out whilst you remain within the comfit of your own home.

Noise Blocking

Since a storm door does not have the same material as the screen door, noise does not travel through it as easily. If you are a rather private person, this is a great option as it keeps sound and noises within your own four walls.

It allows you to have a full view of your outdoor space without feeling the natural force of nature. This could turn a rather gloomy and stormy day into a beautiful sight to behold through its glass inserts.

Making the Right Choice – Storm Door Vs. Screen Door

When you are making a choice between a storm and a screen door, it is essential to weigh the differences between the two.

Screen doors are exceptionally good at ventilation, noise passage, and cooling a space down. While storm doors thrive in environments where it serves the purpose of keeping the harsh weather out, suppressing indoor noise as well as ensuring that the cold does not seep in because of their extra protection.

Due to the heavy-duty nature of a storm door, these doors thrive in climates and weather conditions that are more intense as opposed to a blistering hot day.

Once you are able to identify the need within your home, one of these doors has the ability to fill it. While the decision is solely up to you, weighing the pros and cons of both doors is an essential way to ensure that you get the door that matches not only the aesthetic and style of your home—but also the need.

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