Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are a design feature that can be both very beautiful and chic and also very functional and useful for any space. These can be found both in the interior and exterior of the home, but these types of doors come with a few important differences, though they function in the same way.

For a space-saving and very elegant design feature, you may want to consider incorporating a steel sliding door into your next architectural project or home renovation plans.

Types of Sliding Doors

It is key to understand that the main difference between interior and exterior doors is the need for the exterior doors to be designed and crafted with weather and the elements in mind.

Steel is an excellent choice as it is exceptionally durable and able to withstand the test of time and extreme weather conditions. Exterior doors should also have additional safety features, which can easily be added during the design and manufacturing process.

There are also other types of sliding doors to consider:

  • Pocket doors - you will typically find pocket sliding doors inside the home. They are a great space-saving option or a choice for anyone who wants to create a cohesive space, similar to an open plan feel. These doors do not have any hinges and simply slide in and out of a pocket in the wall.
  • Bypass sliding doors - a bypass door is typically used in small spaces, such as closets or bathrooms. They are usually opened by pushing the door to one side and have tracks at the bottom and top of the door.
  • Folding doors - a door that slides and folds into itself, which can be used for both interior and exterior spaces. Many opt for a folding door into the garden as you can determine how much you want the door opened, thereby controlling airflow and temperature.
  • French sliding doors - these are very elegant and chic sliding doors, which have two doors that slide to meet in the center. You often will find these in kitchens or large lofts to segment the space in a modern way.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding doors are a universally adored design feature because they are so beautiful and versatile, which means they fit into any aesthetic. They also create a dynamic space that can be adjusted depending on the client’s day-to-day needs or desires.

A sliding steel window can offer symmetry with sliding doors while opening up the space to the outside—bringing in air and light—allowing easy transition between the garden space and the inside of the home.

Find the High-Quality Sliding Doors and Windows

Looking for beautiful and high-quality steel window and door products? Euroline Steel Windows and Doors offers the best in the industry. Our team is experienced, dedicated to our clients, and passionate about the products we deliver.

We use the best steel and glass to create stunning windows and doors that serve our clients and their design vision.

If you want to see how our products are used, take a look at our portfolio which showcases our array of work with luxury and exclusive design and architecture firms throughout the country. Contact us at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

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