Do what is right.


Respectfully seek to understand and to be understood.


Leading by example.


Caring for one another.


Humility along with seeking continuous improvement.


Is to fulfill and inspire the dreams of our clients with the elegance of our products, while inspiring our team members to fulfill their dreams.


Is to be the leading manufacturer of steel luxury windows and doors in beauty, quality and innovation for exclusive projects worldwide.


We’ve been manufacturing steel doors and windows for decades, and have been fine tuning our Euroline Steel Windows and Steel Doors to present a timeless product with endless applications of style and beauty. Amazing style and elegance is achieved when less gives you more. We truly believe we have forged a precise balance between the finest lines of steel and the most beautiful sheets of glass.

As thousands of our homeowner clients can testify, each Euroline Steel Window and Steel door is built to perfection. No item leaves our factory without a quality stamp of approval which always ensures your complete satisfaction.

Whether you are near or far, we will make your steel windows and doors with as much care and precision as if they were for our own homes. Our quality control staff is very detailed and will ensure that we deliver a steady high quality product one window and one door at a time.

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Euroline’s founder and CEO, Elyas Balta, graduated magna cum laude with a degree in applied physics. Pursuing his love for science and engineering, he continued a growing career in the fiber optical telecommunications industry in research and start-up companies. At a point of transition in his career, Elyas was sought by large defense firms for consulting and employment. Surprising to those closest to him, he made a drastic life transforming and controversial change by deciding to strive for his dream of coming back to the generational quest of working with art and steel.

Elyas Balta’s family line and upbringing derives from generations of steel workers and axe forgers hence the last name “Balta,” which means “axe” in ancient eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. Fueled by his love for art, imagination and steel materials, Elyas finally satisfied his craving by taking over an extension of the family business, and then perfected the process of manufacturing precision steel windows & doors with a high tech engineering and quality control. He expanded the lines to incorporate endless customization of the Euroline Steel Windows & Doors product line to large twelve foot tall sliding doors, bifolds doors, horizontal pivot doors, curtain walls and etc. Elyas’ deep understanding in material engineering and the sciences brought in lots of innovations into the product line balanced with keen emphasis on beauty and aesthetics.

Elyas takes particular pride in noting that all of our products are manufactured and crafted by exceptional engineers and artisans who have been highly trained and everything is inspected before delivery. In addition to having the highest standard for quality in its products, the company pays extra attention in making the process very convenient and simple for the client from full design service to being right on schedule with exceptional product. Elyas’ passion for innovation and high standards in ethics has leveraged the company to bring new ideas to the steel windows and doors industry both in product and experience, where every client is expected to have a Wow experience.