What is the Best Sliding Patio Door?

Patios, backyards, decks, and balconies are wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors close to the home. Patio doors that are simple to operate are ideal for granting access to these relaxing areas while protecting the home from the elements, pests, and intruders.

Numerous types, sizes, materials, and even color choices are available for patio doors, allowing you to find products that meet your client’s specific needs and preferences.

The best patio doors will fit snugly into the door frame to protect your client’s house from adverse weather and keep out rodents and insects. Impact-resistant glass is also an intelligent security measure for sliding glass doors, while energy-efficient materials help to insulate the home and reduce utility costs.

Use this guide to learn what other features and factors to consider when purchasing an energy-efficient solution, and browse this list of the best patio doors to choose from.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Patio Doors

When looking for French patio doors, hinged patio doors, or simple swinging doors for your client’s home, keep in mind the door type, size, and material, all of which can impact energy efficiency, security, and installation.

Door Type

The two most popular types of glass patio doors are French doors and sliding doors. There are also multi-slide and bifold options, though they are less prevalent. The manner in which they open and close and the size of the opening they provide differ.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are enclosed within a metal frame attached to the doorway’s rough studs. The door can be opened and closed by sliding along the frame’s bottom and top tracks. Typically, one side of a door is fixed while the other side slides along a track.

Hinged or French Doors

Typically, hinged or French doors are sold in pairs that can be mounted on opposite sides of the door frame. When closed, the French patio doors meet in the middle, but they do not require center support, so when they are open, they provide significantly more space than sliding patio doors. Nevertheless, some French patio doors have one fixed door and one operable door, providing an opening similar to that of a standard sliding door.

Multi-Slide Doors

A type of sliding door commonly found in hotels and other public establishments. Essentially, manufacturers enhance the standard sliding-door design with one or more additional doors. Except for one fixed pane, all doors can be slid open or closed. However, these doors are often excessively large for residential use.

Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors are also mounted on a track, but instead of sliding in behind a stationary door, they pivot on the track. Each door rotates to the side and stacks accordion-style to provide a larger doorway opening than a standard sliding door. Due to their rarity, these doors may be difficult to locate and costly to install.


Although the majority of patio door manufacturers produce doors with glass panes, the surrounding frame may be comprised of wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of patio doors is measured by their capacity to prevent heat transfer through the material, around the door, and through the frame.

Due to the low heat transfer of high-efficiency products, an air-conditioned home will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Aluminum patio doors and other low-efficiency products can increase heating and cooling costs.

Solid wood is more energy efficient than metal due to its superior insulating properties. Despite the fact that glass is susceptible to heat transfer, many sliding glass patio doors have two panes of glass within a single frame.

This helps reduce heat transfer and insulate the door by creating an air cushion. The Energy Star logo on a product indicates its high efficiency.


Weatherstripping is an essential component of all exterior doors, including car doors. When the door is closed, it forms a seal with the weatherstripping, preventing airflow, moisture, dust, dirt, and insects from entering.


The ideal patio doors include one or more built-in locking systems for home security.


The installation procedure for patio doors is dependent on the type of door. French doors are attached to the door frame with hinges. They must be measured to ensure that the doors close securely and meet in the middle.

During installation, these doors must also be supported from the bottom to prevent their weight from ripping screws out of the frame before the entire door can be secured.

What is the Best Sliding Patio Door to Buy?

Steel double doors are an excellent option for those who prefer hinged patio doors over sliding ones. Each door has two panes of insulating glass that form an air pocket to reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior.

The panes are held in place by a lightweight, white fiberglass frame that is also durable. The frame can be painted to match the aesthetic of the house; just make sure to use exterior-rated paint.

These French doors are water-, corrosion-, and temperature change-resistant. Despite the fact that the handle and lock are on the left, right-handed options are available. Determine the optimal door size between 60-by-80-inch and 72-by-80-inch doors by measuring the opening.

Get the Best Patio Door from a Trusted Manufacturer

To compile a list of the best patio doors, one must conduct extensive research on a variety of brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

Given the cost and installation process typically associated with purchasing and installing new patio doors, many companies provide breakdowns of product specifications but omit the actual price of the product—materials and installation time can also vary based on location.

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