What is a Bifold Door? Everything You Need to Know

Bifold doors are doors that slide open and consist of a series of concertina-like panels that fold against the wall. Although conventional, single-leaf doors are common in most modern homes, they can be incredibly inconvenient if you attempt to maximize the living space.

A bifold door that pulls open from the center and provides full visibility and access to what’s behind it—in a single swift motion—is a more attractive, durable, and distinctive option. In addition, the sheer weight of the sturdy doors eliminates the shuddering which is typically associated with sliding doors.

Bifold doors can be installed on the interior or exterior of a home, as a gateway to a garden or conservatory, or even as a way to divide a larger room without sacrificing its spaciousness. Therefore, in terms of adaptability, there is no better alternative!

Bifold Doors in a Nutshell

Bi-fold doors, also known as folding sliding doors or room dividers, can fold in or out to create more space. Additionally, they have a traffic door for daily entry and exit.

Typically, bifold doors are glazed with large glass panels that let in abundant light. Folding doors maximize space by allowing the door to slide open while its panels fold up and stack against the wall.

As previously stated, bifold doors can be internal or external, with internal bifold doors typically used to cover smaller spaces such as pantries, laundry rooms, and closets. External bifold doors are typically used to connect the interior to the exterior of the home.

External bifold doors are typically found at the rear of a residence, leading to a garden or summer house. In contrast, internal bifold doors are found in various locations and can be used for various purposes. Remember that all exterior bifold doors should be able to withstand severe weather.

Bifold doors are available in numerous materials, including wood, PVC, steel, and aluminum. Timber bifold doors are especially aesthetically pleasing, whereas steel and aluminum bifold doors are a popular option for contemporary homeowners. There are also a variety of color options available.

How Do Bifold Doors Work?

Both interior and exterior bifold doors utilize a simple tracking system that extends along the panels, which are interconnected by a track. The doors operate by folding inward and then gliding along the tracking system with the assistance of a series of wheels or a lower tracking system, which both result in a smooth motion and quiet operation.

Bifold doors, especially interior ones, typically come in pairs, consisting of two doors that fold to one side or four doors that part in the middle, with two doors folding back on either side. Open either inwards or outwards, your bifold doors often come with the necessary gear already fitted. This adaptability has contributed to their recent popularity among homeowners with an open mindset.

The majority of bifold doors feature between two and seven hinged panels, all of which are attached to the roller track at the top or bottom of the door—or both. It is advisable not to exert too much force, as doing so could cause the doors to detach from the track system.

Benefits of Installing Bifold Doors

Internal and external bifold doors offer a high degree of adaptability and may be modified to meet virtually any need. They are perfect for connecting living areas, kitchens, dining rooms, and more, and if you opt for a unique configuration, they might make your client’s home stand out.

As you may choose from several materials like steel, aluminum, or wood, as well as multiple styles, textures, colors, and shapes—both interior and exterior bifold doors benefit from versatility. 

There are, however, benefits that are exclusive to the exterior or interior doors. Additionally, they are deceptively easy to clean, repair, and install.


The most obvious advantage of using an external bi-folding door is the breathtaking views they provide and the concept of bringing some of the outdoors inside. Obviously, this will depend on how attractive the garden or backyard is, but if it weren’t, you probably wouldn’t have considered this choice in the first place!

In either case, a set of bifold doors will maximize the quantity of natural light entering a room. Security is also a big benefit, as exterior bifold doors will contain a locking system distributed over numerous places on the sliding track instead of just one.


When open, bifold doors occupy very little space, making them ideal for smaller interior spaces such as laundry rooms and kitchen pantries. This is due to the fact that they fold back on themselves, taking up significantly less space than French or conventional sliding doors.

With a bifold interior door opening into your closet, you will have access to the entire space as it opens on both sides. Additionally, they are very simple to install.

Be Secured with Euroline Steel Windows and Doors

Bi-fold doors are smaller than other doors, such as French doors or sliding patio doors, and they let a lot of natural light into your home. Bi-fold doors only occupy about 10% of the space around standard type doors, which can be wasted up to 50% of the time.

A lean-to-conservatory or modern orangery building looks especially contemporary with bi-fold doors added.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the exterior bifold doors have a locking system that engages at numerous places rather than just one. Additionally, you might take steps to reinforce the glass of the door panels and the door frames.

Steel with reinforced glass is an excellent choice if security is a top priority for you. Lastly, you could always install an alarm, which would provide your client with some additional peace of mind.

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Author: Elyas Balta

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