What is Architectural Style?

architectural style

If you’re curious about what is an architectural style, the  beauty of it is that it ages like a fine wine.

Something built today will be revered for as long as the building stands. Much like fashion, architecture has styles and phases of architectural style that it has gone through over many years.

From classical architecture right up till our current era of modernism, post-modernism, and parametricism. Every style is unique and still firmly holds its level of grace and beauty. Architectural style changes based on many different reasons. As people adapt, and their needs change, so too do the buildings that surround them.

Taking a slow drive through a town, and even a large city, just to have a look at the various buildings around, you will notice how clearly different many of the buildings are from one another. This is the beauty of architectural style.

A Look Into the Transformation of Architectural Styles Through the Years

Architecture has vastly adapted over the years. Although these changes have occurred slowly, and in some cases extremely fast, there is no need to think that older architectural styles do not still hold their visual appeal today.

From the early 7th to 4th century BC style of classical architecture, to the Gothic architectural style of the 1450s, architectural styles have evolved and changed to fit the many needs and appeals of people.

These styles also did not all originate from the same corner of the world. For example, classical architecture was mostly used in Greece and Rome, whereas the Gothic architectural style originated in France

 Other styles, like the much later style of Renaissance architecture, were a mixed collaborative effort between France and England who sought inspiration from Rome and Greece. 

5 Most Prominent Architectural Styles Around the World

Much like the everchanging world of fashion, although some concepts and visual appeals may fall out of use, there are many styles strong enough to withstand the test of time. Let’s have a closer look at five of the most prominent architectural styles from around the world that you can still find, and incorporate into the design of your own home.

1. Classical Architecture

Classical architecture is known and revered for its sense of order, perspective, proportion, and symmetry. Marble, concrete, beautiful and decorative door surrounds, and classic design motifs were exceptionally desired and visually appealing in this era.

This style of architecture originated from the early centuries of the 7th century BC to the 4th century BC, in Greece and Rome. Of all architectural styles, this one is most notable due to its relevance hundreds of years later.

In many designs created today, we still see elements of classical architecture being used to boost the visual appeal and designs of many buildings.

The greatest examples of buildings that incorporate classical elements, from this era, would be the Parthenon, the temple of Hephaestus, and the Erechthion of Athens. These stunning buildings have withstood the test of time and showcase the true beauty and essence of the classical style.

2. Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture is another popular architectural style that seamlessly incorporates traditional aspects of early American homes with elements of modern architectural styles.

These homes are known for their modest design features and symmetrical windows. Many homes still utilize this architectural design style and it has been a loved visual aesthetic for many homeowners that truly make a house a home.

3. Modern Architecture

Modernism came about in the early 1900s. This style of architecture aimed to have buildings be more sleek, practical, and less ornamental. These designs emphasized the use of functional design and modern materials such as concrete, steel, and glass.

A stunning example of modern architecture done right would have to be Villa Savoye in France. This building perfectly encapsulates the idea of modernism with the key phrase “form follows function” echoing through its clean lines and immaculate design.

4. Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture, unlike other styles, does not have a set time frame that it reflects. This design movement simply reflects the style that was present during its construction. These buildings often incorporate various elements of architectural design from across the world and the ages.

A breathtaking and popular example of this would be the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris or Fallingwater. These two buildings were not constructed with a specific style in mind but perfectly encapsulated the essence of different concepts.

5. 20th Century Architecture

Much like the ideas of modernism, 20th Century architecture saw a shift away from the use of decorative elements, and color, with a more structured feel, functional design, and open interior spaces.

This form of architecture is often referred to as the international style and is used heavily in modern designs of our current architectural era. Some popular examples of this architectural style include the Glass House and The Guggenheim Museum.

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