Preventing Rust on Metal Doors: Tips and Maintenance

Metal door rust

There is nothing worse than watching a beautiful metal fixture degrade to the point of no return because of rust. Metal door rust can have many detrimental effects on metal such as lowering the visual appeal, slowing down or halting processes, and causing unnecessary dirt buildup. 

Although rust can be frustrating to deal with, there are many different steps that one could take to slow down and prevent the spread of rust. Stopping rust before it starts is the best way to maintain a metal fixture without reaching a point where the only solution is a replacement. 

Maintaining a metal fixture consistently can ensure that it lasts for years and that the structural integrity lasts through various conditions.

Why Do Metal Doors Rust?

Moisture build-up is the key cause of rusting metal. Rust is a form of corrosion within the metal that occurs when there is a large amount of oxidation in the metal. Much like plaque on your teeth, this oxidation slowly eats away at the metal the longer that it is left on it.

Rust can also be caused by various different harmful and corrosive chemicals often used in cleaning. These corrosive chemicals could include sulfuric acid, bromine, and sodium hydroxide.

A natural substance that can also greatly affect the health of metal is salt. Salt can be found in many forms such as salt water, salt air, and road salts. Although salt does not directly cause rust to form, it greatly accelerates the process in which rust forms.

Homes that are located closer to the ocean usually showcase a faster rate of metal corrosion due to these different factors.

Early Signs of Rust and Corrosion to Watch Out For

There are some early signs to notice when it comes to metal rust and corrosion that you should be aware of. Understanding these signs will ensure that you can quickly act and maintain your metal fixture before it needs to be replaced.

The first sign that you will recognize is the discoloration of the metal. Metal is usually a uniform color but when rust begins to form, the metal may become discolored with various blotches of red, black, or white deposits. The next sign of rust is the degradation of the metal itself.

In this stage, the metal begins to weaken and lose the strength that it once had. This means that the rusting process has begun to speed up and form clearly within the metal.

Following this is the final and most common form of rust which is the formation of the bright orange or red colored dust that sits atop the metal surface. This means that the rust has begun to fully form and is currently slowly eating away at the metal.

Knowing what health your metal is in, and when it showcases these signs is a good way to begin the maintenance and repair process toward a healthier metal fixture.

Rust Prevention 101: 3 Ways to Protect Metal Doors From Rust

There are various different steps that one could take to prevent rust before it begins to form and affect the health of your metal fixture. Utilizing these steps will assist your metal in avoiding the degradation process before it becomes seriously detrimental to its functional processes.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the best methods for rust prevention and how they can ensure that you have a healthier metal door that lasts longer.

1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are imperative to any metal door. One of the main causes of rust in metal doors is a lack of cleaning. Rust mostly forms because of a build-up of moisture and oxidation within a metal. When a metal surface is cleaned regularly and maintained, this greatly lowers the chance of rust formation and provides your metal door with a much longer lifespan.

Maintenance is another great preventative step in ensuring the longevity of your metal door. Other than rust, having a regular maintenance check on your door can provide it with the care and assistance that it needs to withstand the test of time.

2. Protective Coatings

Protective coatings are the greatest and most effective means of preventing rust build-up. Protective coatings serve as a middleman between the dirt buildup and the metal. This coating ensures that there is no moisture or oxidation within the metal.

These coatings often last a very long time and can provide your metal doors and surfaces with the added assistance that it needs to fight off the rusting process.

3. Repair a Rusty Surface

The best way to repair a rusty surface is to chip off any blistered or rusted parts of the metal. This ensures that the rust does not spread to further sections of the metal and causes more damage to its structural integrity. Using sandpaper or a wire brush is also a great means of removing any rust that may be building up on its surface. The only downside to repairing an already rusted surface is that it may not have the same look and feel that it once had.

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