How to Properly Measure a Door

properly measure a door

In order to properly measure a door it is essential to take into account what type of door it is. Doors come in many different shapes, sizes, and types, requiring another method or starting point to measure. The two main different door types that you may come across are:

  • Prehung doors
  • Normal single doors

Some of the measurements you will need to take when measuring these doors would be the width, height, and thickness.

Understanding the Different Door Types

It is important to get all three of these accurate measurements as close to the specific design as possible because they serve as the basis for having a good, functional door installed in place. If the thickness, height, or width of the door is not accurate, the door itself will not fit, which could cause you to unnecessarily lose out on money, effort, and time.

If a door is installed that does not completely fit its intended location, then the door might not function as it should, which could pose a massive safety risk for you and your family.

Prehung Door

A prehung door is a door that is sold as ‘ready-to-install’, meaning that it comes with all the necessary tools needed for a complete door installation. This includes things such as:

  • Door Slab
  • Hinges attached
  • Frame
  • Pre-cut doorknob-hole
  • Hardware necessary

This is a great option when building newer structures or rooms, as well as if the intended door location has a damaged lining. There is a specific method to take when properly measuring a prehung door.

Measuring a Prehung Door

With a tape measure in hand, it’s best to start measuring the door from the interior. You can measure the height of the door first, then from the bottom edge to the top. 

Next is the width. This is done by measuring from the hinges to the opposite end of the door panel. Its thickness is also important to measure so that you can ensure that it properly fits the intended location. Measuring the door’s thickness is rather simple, as you can just measure the edge of the door.

The door jamb width refers to the distance between the door and the space that it slots into when closed. To measure this, you can start at the point in the door frame that the door slots into.

Some of the trimmings may need to be removed but be careful not to include the extra inches of the trimming measurement in the overall measurement of the door jamb. To measure this section, you will just need to take the height and depth measurements.

The last step is to measure the overall frame of the door. This is the piece that the door is attached to, and taking its width and height measurements is equally as important. This can be done by simply measuring it from one end to another.

Normal Single Doors

A normal door refers to a typical replacement door that would be slotted into an existing space. These doors are usually used once an older door has been damaged or if a refurbishment of the space is being done.

When slotting a door into an existing frame, most normal doors are a standard size of 80 inches tall and 36 inches wide. This may not always be the case, so taking the correct steps in measuring the door is always a great tool to ensure precise measurements and lessen the risk of mistakes.

Measuring a Normal Door

Most of the measurements will occur on the door panel itself. This is a rather simple process but is effective in ensuring that you get the right door to match the frame that is already present.

Start by using your tape measure to measure the width of the door panel. This can be done from where the door swings, which is at the edge of the hinges, to the opposite end of the door. 

Next is the height. The height is measured from the bottom edge of the door to the very top edge. The door thickness is the next essential step toward ensuring the accuracy of the overall project. This is done by measuring the edge of the door panel.

Then comes the door jamb, you can start measuring at the point where the door slots into the door frame. Some trimmings may need to be removed, but be careful not to include the trimming measurement in the overall door jamb measurement. To measure this section, simply take the height and depth measurements.

Another important step is checking to see if the door is level and square. This is done by measuring the door diagonally from one corner to the other. You can start from the top right corner of the door to the bottom left and then from the top left to the bottom right. If the two measurements match one another then this is a good indicator that your door is square.

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Author: Elyas Balta

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