How to Measure for a Patio Door that Fits Your Needs

how to measure for patio door

Understanding how to measure for patio door is a critical process to follow when installing a brand-new door or undergoing a door replacement.

The type of door, size, and accessories all play a big role in the installation process. Measuring the door allows you to accurately tell what is required for the new door and the next best steps that you can take to install it.

Patio doors are very different from one another, and as such, they are measured differently for each scenario. The two types of patio doors you may see are:

  • Hinged patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors

These doors’ width, height, and thickness are the essential measurements you’ll need to take.

Why is it Important to Measure?

Because they serve as the foundation for installing a good, functional door, it is critical to get all three of these accurate measurements as close to the exact design as possible.

If the thickness, height, or breadth of the door are not accurate, the door will not fit, resulting in wasted money, work, and time.

If a door is installed in an area where it does not properly fit, it may not operate as it should, which could be extremely dangerous for the overall safety of your family.

In this patio door guide, we will explore two types of patio doors and how to go about the measuring process.

Hinged Patio Door

Much like every normal door, a hinged patio door relies on hinges to close and open it. This means that it is a swinging action that is created by the door.

These are a classic staple in many homes, and having a good quality steel door could provide a perfect sleek option that values quality and safety.

Measuring a Hinged Patio Door

It is best to begin measuring the door from the inside. You can start by measuring the height of the door. This is done by measuring from the very bottom edge of the door to the very top.

The width comes next. This is accomplished by taking a measurement from the hinges to the opposite spectrum of the door itself. The depth of the door, on the other hand, should also be measured to ensure that it works snugly in its designated place. Measuring the depth of a door is easy because you can essentially measure its edge.

The final stage is to measure the door jamb. Begin your measurement at the point where the door meets the door frame. Some trimmings may need to be removed, but keep in mind that the trimming measurement should not be included in the overall door jamb measurement. Take the height and depth measurements for this section.

To ensure that the frame fits perfectly, the depth measurement should match that of the wall. Another important measurement to keep in mind is how the door will swing. Will it swing inward or outward?

Once this has been decided, you can use the width and height measurements to calculate the radius that the door will require to swing open and closed.

Sliding Patio Door

A sliding patio door is a great addition to any home. The mechanism that opens and closes it is a simple pull or push of the door. This could provide extra space to a room as well as a sleek touch to the overall aesthetic of the design.

A steel sliding patio door is a fantastic addition to any home as its density and design provide not only a great visual appearance but also a sturdy safety feature.

Measuring a Sliding Patio Door

When measuring a sliding patio door, it is best to use your tape measure from the exterior of your house. You can start by measuring the width of the door itself from the middle. You can then measure the entirety of the width from one end to the other. This would often be from brick to brick.

When measuring the height, you can extend your tape measure from the very top of the door’s location, which may be from the brick itself to the very bottom of the door sill. This is to ensure that the door has the perfect height required for its installation.

The most important thing you can do in this process is to double-check the accuracy of the measurements so that you can ensure that it is correct. The best way to check if the frame is perfect is first to measure the horizontal width from the top right to the top left corner.

You will do the same from the bottom right to the bottom left corner. If the sizes are the same then that means your frame is even and perfect. If one is slightly larger than the other, it is best to go with the smaller measurement for the door installation.

You can repeat these steps with the height. Measure from the top right corner to the bottom right corner. Repeat this step from the top left corner to the bottom left corner. Doing this will provide extra accuracy with your measurements and showcase the overall measurements of where the door will be.

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