How to Weatherproof a Sliding Glass Door?

People like to stay inside a warm and comfortable home during the winter until it is summer again. However, in order to enjoy this comfort, you must know how to weather proof a sliding glass door. You can do this by winterizing your home and your steel windows to keep it warm during the cold season.

Even though it is critical to winterize your steel windows and doors, many individuals overlook the option. Winterizing your steel doors will help prevent cold air from entering, keeping your internal space at a comfortable temperature. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to do if you know how to weatherproof a sliding glass door.

Continue reading below to learn about what weatherization is, why it’s an important topic for all homeowners to consider, and discover helpful tips to help you weatherproof your sliding glass doors for the winter and how we can help.

What is Weatherization?

Weatherization, often known as weatherproofing, is the process of protecting a structure like a home or commercial building from the elements. Weatherization not only helps to reduce energy costs but also helps to protect buildings from water, wind, sun, and insect damage.

The hefty costs of weatherizing a structure typically prevent businesses and homeowners from undertaking such a project. However, if done correctly, it can reduce a home’s energy usage and energy costs.

Homeowners think of weatherizing their homes in the winter to keep the cold out, but weatherization also keeps the cool in during the summer. Furthermore, weatherization not only reduces a company’s or individual’s energy costs but also benefits the environment. As a result, several governments provide incentive schemes for weatherization.

Ways to Weatherproof Your Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding door is a beautiful addition to any home. Unfortunately, they are a major source of heat loss and cold drafts. As a result, if you want to maintain your heating costs under control and your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter, you must ensure that your patio door is properly prepared.

Sliding doors are necessary, but preparing them for winter is sometimes overlooked. They can cause significant heat loss from the interior of the house and allow cold drafts to enter. Fortunately, prepping a sliding glass door for winter is easy and inexpensive.

Here are some beneficial ways you can learn how to weatherproof a sliding glass door and ensure your home is prepared for the cold temperatures this winter:

Clean Your Sliding Glass Door

The amount of debris that accumulates on or around a sliding patio door in a short period of time can be enormous. As a result, one of the most energy-efficient ways to keep your doors trouble-free and functioning properly is to clean them on a regular basis.

Sweep the track to remove any debris that has accumulated inside. You can also use a vacuum to reach spots that are difficult to reach with a broom.

If the track is dirty, take some time washing it with soap and water. Additionally, remove all of the dirt from around your patio door and inside the track with a powerful blower. This will ensure that no debris is present when you install the new weather stripping.

Install Weather Stripping

Once your sliding glass door is free of debris, weather stripping can be utilized to create an effective seal. Weatherstripping is one of the most cost-effective ways to eliminate energy leaks and completely weatherproof a sliding patio door.

There are various types of weather stripping to consider, including foam tape, felt, and V strip. You may want to experiment with various types until you find the one that works best for your home.

Insulate Your Door with Plastic

Many people shrink-wrap their windows to prevent heat loss in areas where winters are particularly harsh, but you can also do the same for your home’s sliding glass doors. One of the best things about insulating your doors with plastic is that the shrink wrap will form a considerable insulation barrier—reducing the need to exclude cold air.

Insulating your doors with plastic is ideal because it will allow light into your home while still offering appropriate insulation. It may not seem very appealing, but it is a vital tool in your battle to keep your home warm and comfy during the cold winter months.

Install Foam Insulation

When temperatures drop, frost can develop not only on the outside but also within a poorly insulated sliding patio door. A panel of rigid foam insulation is one possible alternative to help prevent this from happening.

Because these panels are lightweight, they are easy to install on a poorly insulated glass entry and inside sliding patio doors to prevent frost formation.

After sealing air leaks, insulating your home with rigid foam insulation from top to bottom will help provide a long-term comfort solution. Insulating your home is your best protection against undesired heat loss, and it is one of the most effective ways to make your home more energy efficient and save on heating expenditures, especially during the cold months.

Use an Extra Barrier

Another method for weatherproofing sliding glass doors is to add an extra barrier between you and the cold and inclement weather. Luckily, there are numerous products on the market that can help with drafts that come in through the sliding door and sliding door frame.

One of the most popular options among homeowners is insulated drapes or curtains. Regular curtains will keep cold air out of your home, but insulated curtains are the most cost-effective and functional option.

The difference between these curtains and conventional curtains is that they contain thermal insulation and prevent drafts and heat loss.

Choose High-Quality Sliding Doors from Euroline Steel Windows & Doors

Sliding doors bring beauty to our homes while also allowing light into the room. However, they let in drafts and induce heat loss through their gaps. To maximize comfort during the winter months, it’s crucial that all homeowners consider winterizing and weatherproofing their home’s sliding glass doors and steel windows.

Winter months are a major issue for homeowners who do not know how to winterize their home’s sliding doors. Fortunately, Euroline Steel Windows and Doors can help.

At Euroline Steel Windows and Doors, we’re proud to create exceptional windows and doors for exceptional homes so that our clients realize their vision and build a legacy in a home they love. As a result, we take the time to thoroughly understand every area of the project so that we can assist you in making your dream and vision a reality.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals to help you prepare for the cold winter months, reach out to our team by filling out our online form or contacting us at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

What are the Dimensions of a Standard Sliding Glass Door?

Installing steel windows and doors in your home are excellent ways to bring natural light into your home or outdoor workspace. Though it’s a tedious process, it’s certainly doable, especially if you know the answer to this question, what are the dimensions of a standard sliding glass door?

Trusted architects and builders understand that homeowners often only have one chance to get their home design right, which motivates them to effectively complete custom projects for clients around the country.

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about installing steel windows and steel doors in your home and how we can help design your home’s new sliding glass doors.

Dimensions of a Standard Sliding Glass Door 

Sliding doors come in a variety of sizes, but they can also be custom-made. In most instances, it all depends on the size of the room and the ability to accommodate door styles.

So, how big is a standard sliding glass door? A standard glass sliding door is normally fixed at 80 inches in length. However, the width may vary between 60 inches to 72 inches, depending on the amount of space available for installation.

It is also important to keep in mind that the sliding glass door may include several components, such as a sliding glass window, a static glass installation, and many panels. As a result, it’s crucial that all homeowners understand that different sections of the sliding glass door may have completely different measurements.

Recommended Sliding Glass Door Sizes for Patio

When purchasing a sliding door, the dimensions will influence the price. As a result, you should seek to match it to your home’s outside style and look for the appropriate frame size. Your goal is to make it easier for your courtyard to open.

These types of doors are often made up of two sections, a fixed glass panel, and a sliding glass panel. However, more than two or three panels may be fitted in a single door. In other words, depending on the type of sliding door, there are several sizing options.

Let’s look at the average sliding glass door size of the most popular models that will complement any home design.

2-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

A 2-panel sliding glass door is composed of two glass panels made together by hinges. Unlike a pocket door, which can only open from one side, this two-panel sliding door can slide in both directions.

Here are some popular widths for two-panel sliding door options:

  • 60 inches
  • 72 inches
  • 96 inches

3-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

Three-panel doors are much wider than two-panel glass sliding doors. This style fits snugly between the frame and weather stripping, which helps restrict airflow entering and departing through your sliding doors and windows.

With three-panel exterior sliding doors, the central panel allows you to choose between two options for sliding from left to right or vice versa. While the opening space remains the same, visibility will improve.

Here are the most common width options for 3-panel sliding glass doors:

  • 108 inches
  • 144 inches

4-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

A 4-panel sliding glass door is simply two standard sliding doors pressed together. Two sliding panels overlap on either side of two stationary panels in this type of door, creating a wide, lovely doorway with a beautiful view and plenty of light.

The wide four-panel glass structure gives the space a high-end impression and is very common in luxury hotels and resorts located near attractive areas to provide a full-scale view of the countryside. The following are the standard width options for 4-panel sliding doors:

  • 144 inches
  • 192 inches

Tips for Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing a patio door for your new home or upgrading your current home requires extreme caution. A sliding door, like all other doors, serves two functions, aesthetics and security. Both considerations must, therefore, be considered before making your ultimate decision.

The decision to replace sliding glass doors can add value to your home, but only if you choose the appropriate style.

Aside from adding value to your home and protecting it from both natural and human elements, doors and windows must also decrease the use of artificial energy sources, notably light. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is ideal for your home?

Here are some helpful tips to help you determine how to choose the right sliding glass doors for your home:

Door Size

Most sliding door manufacturers offer you the choice of selecting an appropriate product that meets your requirements so that the aesthetics or design of your space is not compromised in any way.

Door Frame Size

If you have enough space or are still in the design phase of the project, the real and overall measurement of the frame will be utilized to establish sliding glass door dimensions in addition to the opening that it will have.

Wall Thickness

Pockets are available in two standard widths of 10 cm and 12.5 cm of completed wall thickness. The goal is to create a pocket of the same thickness as the stud-work so that the plasterboard may be directly stretched over the pocket with either wall thickness.

Glass Material

You may become perplexed when it comes to energy efficiency and glass quality. You want a patio door that can withstand the weather conditions in your area, such as snow, rain, and high temperatures.

Door Frame Material

When it comes to door frame material, you’ll want something that is both energy efficient and long-lasting. Vinyl is a low-cost material that requires little maintenance because it does not need to be stained or painted, but you can also customize the frame of your sliding glass door with fiberglass, steel, or aluminum.

Let Euroline Steel Windows & Doors Design Your Sliding Glass Door

There are numerous suggestions for boosting the appearance of your patio that you can consider, each as intriguing as the next. However, one thing you should not overlook when trying to spruce up your home is installing steel windows and doors. After all, a charming entryway makes your journey into your home’s courtyard all the more memorable.

At Euroline Steel Windows and Doors, our number one goal is to inspire and fulfill our clients’ dreams of designing a home as special and one-of-a-kind as they are.

Our experienced team of custom manufacturers and artisans recognizes the significance of your project when it comes to creating your masterpiece, which is why we take the time to completely understand your vision for the home before assisting you in making it a reality.

If you’re looking for high-quality sliding glass doors for your home, speak with one of our experts about how we can assist you. To reach out to us, you may fill out our online form or contact us at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

How to Protect Sliding Glass Door from Dog Scratches?

While dogs are often our best friends, they can occasionally do things that are bothersome to humans. One of those things is scratching our steel windows and here’s how to protect a sliding glass door from dog scratches.

If you’re a dog owner and have large steel windows and doors installed in your home, you’re likely familiar with this scenario. We cherish our furry friends, but the damage they may cause to our steel doors can be stressful.

Continue reading below to learn about some of the best methods for preventing dog scratches on sliding glass doors, discover some tips to assist you in preventing your dog from scratching the door, and find out how we can help you design a one-of-a-kind home.

Dog Scratch-Proofing Your Sliding Door

While most dogs will typically let you know when it wants to come inside or go outside, some dogs accomplish this by scratching the door. Unfortunately, you are not alone, as this is an age-old problem that most pet parents have encountered.

If you have a large or exuberant dog, your sliding glass door and the matching screen door are at risk of being shattered, scratched, or wrecked. However, there are a few things you can do to help protect sliding glass doors door and make your home more pet-friendly.

Install a Glass Door Protector

If you’re having difficulties training your dog to stop scratching the door with muddy paw prints or want to learn how to stop your dog from jumping on your home’s sliding glass door, there are a few easy solutions for avoiding property damage caused by the behavior.

The first option is to install door scratch protectors, which act as a clear barrier for your door with a reflective window film, allowing you to see through it while also not altering the appearance of your glass door from the outside.

Scratch screens or glass door protectors are simple to clean and can be hung over a door handle or attached to the glass itself to act as a door protector between your dog’s claws and the glass. They are not only easy to install, but they are also a low-cost solution to your dog scratching your glass door.

Train Your Dog 

If your dog has suddenly begun scratching at your glass door, now is the time to put in the effort to teach them that this is not acceptable behavior. While this may seem obvious, the simplest approach to breaking a habit in your dog is to prevent him from occurring in the first place.

Although proper training may take some time, your dog must be able to accept your directions and understand what a stern voice implies. Train your dog a good stay command and leave them on their bed or in separate locations from you for a period of time.

Always Keep Your Dog’s Nails Clipped

Trimming your dog’s nails is an important component of dog care, and cut nails are clear evidence of your dog’s good health and hygiene, regardless of whether they scratch at your door. Although some owners find the task too difficult, others have little trouble clipping their dog’s nails.

Sending your dog to the groomer to get their nails clipped on a regular basis or carefully clipping them yourself is another alternative you may try to limit their scratching to a minimum.

Create a Dog Flap into Your Glass Door

If all else fails, install a doggy door or dog flap that fits into your glass doors. While it is more expensive than the other methods recommended in this post, it will look far better and less sloppy than other alternatives.

Once properly installed, the dog door should appear rather seamless and in keeping with the design of the glass, which means that your dog will never scratch the sliding doors again.

Reasons Your Dogs Scratch Your Sliding Glass Doors

Many dogs develop negative behaviors if they are not properly trained, and scratching is not uncommon, albeit frustrating. Fortunately, there are several reasons for your dog’s door-scratching behavior.

Each dog has its own personality and temperament, as well as environmental interests. Understanding the origins of your dog’s undesirable behavior is the only way to discover a suitable solution.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your dog scratches your glass door:


One possible reason your dog might be scratching at your glass door is boredom. Dogs require mental stimulation and entertainment, as well as frequent exercise, to ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible.

If your dog is acting destructively, it is possible that they are not receiving enough exercise and have too much energy that they need to burn off. Increasing the amount of exercise your dog receives, as well as ensuring they are amused with toys and attention, can help.

Separation Anxiety

When dogs are emotionally devoted to their owners, leaving them alone for even a short period of time can cause severe distress. When this happens, they will frequently try to overcome the barrier that separates them from their guardian or draw the owner’s attention by scratching the door.

Separation anxiety might have a negative impact on your dog’s health if it is not treated. If you suspect your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, it’s critical that you conduct research and address the underlying root since failure to do so might lead to more difficulties than simply a scratched glass door.

Choose High-Quality Sliding Glass Door for Your Home

It is quite difficult to stop dogs from scratching steel windows as you can’t keep an eye on them all the time. While it is necessary to try to train it out of them, you should not take any chances with your expensive glass windows.

For most house-proud dog owners, even a single scratch mark may be heartbreaking. Luckily, a high-quality energy-efficient pet door can be installed in any type of external or interior wall or door, including sliding glass doors.

At Euroline Steel Windows and Doors, we understand your desire to create a one-of-a-kind luxury masterpiece as an extension of yourself and your creativity. As a result, our goal is to be the premier manufacturer of high-quality luxury windows and doors and lead the industry in terms of beauty, quality, and innovation for our clients across the country.

If you would like to learn more about our wide selection of high-quality sliding glass doors, speak with a representative about how we can help. Contact us at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

What is a Sliding French Door?

For many people who are passionate about interior design, French doors made from steel are typically the primary motivation for remodeling homes. Many homeowners may think about installing French sliding doors if you include features that increase the quantity of light, space, and beauty.

A timely renovation for your home will ask, “what type of door or entryway would make a good accent?” or “what is a sliding french door that is both elegant and functional?”

Consider several things if you want a steel sliding glass door or steel french doors in your home. To know more about french sliding doors and patio doors for a nifty home remodel, read on.

Understanding the Architectural Styles of Doors

There are multiple misconceptions about French doors and installing them during renovations. It’s crucial to differentiate the types of doors your contractor presents to you; here are a few you should keep in mind for your next patio renovation.

What is a Pivot Door?

So, what is a pivot door and how does it work? The visible movement of a pivot door differs significantly from a standard hinged door. Instead of being installed on the side, pivot door hinges are installed on top and bottom. A vertical axis is used to revolve the pivot door.

A pivot door is a pivoting panel that may be made to any size and shape. The entrance, a pivot system, a top pivot, a floor plate, and a ceiling plate make up this structure.

What is a Bifold Door?

To answer the question, what is a bifold door and how does it work? It basically opens up the back of the house to the garden and is a compromise between hinged doors and sliding doors, essentially folding in or out to expand the living space. A bifold door is used to describe a door or window that has two or more sections and opens by folding each section flat against the next.

What is a Sliding Door?

Now, if you’ve been asking, what is a sliding door, and how does it work? The design of sliding doors is one that is now popular.

The sliding door design, which is renowned for its effectiveness in terms of space conservation, has a wide range of applications for our home in a functional yet fashionable approach. Examples of sliding door designs include double sliding doors, sliding doors, barn doors, frameless doors, and glass doors.

What to Know About Sliding French Doors?

French doors are often found in pairs, though some manufacturers also sell single French doors. In addition to the single French door, there are also sliding French doors and single or double French doors with sidelights and transoms.

The lower rail’s thickness distinguishes the French door type from patio doors, which typically have comprehensive glass centers.

The lowest rail of the door is typically more comprehensive than the top and sides, giving the door a distinctive appearance. This characteristic primarily distinguishes French doors in contemporary design.

French patio doors have a traditional appearance and look fantastic in houses with more traditional architectural features. They’re a design tip many modern interior designers like to hand out that looks and works well for many homeowners.

However, despite the aesthetic, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of if you plan to remodel your patio area.


  • Quickly welcomes light into a space.
  • Both double doors are functional.
  • A wide opening is ideal for moving oversized furniture or areas with high traffic.
  • The threshold is typically lower and simpler to cross.
  • More cost-efficient and convenient


  • Less space
  • Doors may close due to wind.
  • When the foundation shifts, it is more difficult to adjust.
  • Fewer accent variations

A Brief History of French Doors

French doors have a long history and distinguish your home as no other door can. A French door is the best option to give your patio or porch a new lease on life.

The glass panes let plenty of sunlight into your home and provide simple access to the yard. Instead of being concealed behind regular doors, a French door makes your lawn an official component of your house.

You can think about it on chilly winter days and let your kids and dogs play outside in the summer.

What to Know Before Purchasing Sliding French Doors?

A French patio door made from steel can instantly stand out in your home and become a point of attraction for guests; however, before buying hinged patio doors for your extensive remodel, here are a few factors to consider


Consult with your designer or general contractor to determine the ideal location for interior views, convenient access, and exposure to the sun and wind, unless you are merely replacing old French doors with new ones.

Glass Type

Sidelights or a transom can increase the impact of sliding doors. In a hurricane zone, seek a design pressure rating that meets with local building codes. Ask your contractor about textured or frosted windows since they help give seclusion to a space.


Make sure hinged doors, whether they swing in or out, will have enough clearance before choosing them. One fixed door and one hinged door, as well as sliding doors, are choices for saving space.

Screen Choices

A semi-transparent material like fiberglass screen cloth is less intrusive when choosing sliding French glass doors. Sliders and hinged screens both require floor space. The best option might be a retractable screen, which rolls up into the jamb until needed and is occasionally sold with the doors.

One-Stop-Source for Sliding Doors

It’s best to research numerous brands, producers, and sellers to develop a list of the best steel French gliding patio doors. Many businesses offer breakdowns of product characteristics but omit the product’s actual price.

Let’s work together in creating a unique luxury masterpiece like a modern, steel sliding French door that is an extension of your client’s vision and your creativity.

Contact our team at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding French Doors

If you’re still on the fence about getting new sliding glass doors that are energy efficient for your home, see these questions below.

What is the best sliding patio door?

A steel door is an ideal option if security and durability are your top objectives when choosing a sliding patio door. This clearly answers the question, what is the best sliding patio door?

Comparing this door to wood and fiberglass doors, it is the strongest. A steel door can be quickly fixed if it gets a mark or a dent; it does not deform or dent easily.

Are French doors energy-efficient?

French doors offer better ventilation and natural light, but they also have some disadvantages. Nevertheless, they are less energy-efficient than some other types of doors and take up more space.

Why is my sliding door hard to open?

If you find yourself browsing online for the answer to the question, why is my sliding door hard to open? Here’s what you need to know!

The sliding door can be difficult to open because the rollers inside the frame beneath it frequently wear out. The most straightforward remedy for a homeowner is to just oil the roller or track as much as possible. This might or might not offer a short-term fix.

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Door?

Many interior designers and architects can transform a house into a home while always including eco-friendly and energy-efficient features. For instance, energy-efficient doors’ trendy designs and valuable features encourage thermal efficiency and low emissivity.

Sliding door energy efficiency can be increased with proper installation and door frame material. If you’re planning on a remodel soon, ask yourself, how will sliding glass doors help promote energy efficiency at home?

Read on to discuss the advantages, dos, and don’ts of installing energy-efficient glass doors in your home.

Understanding Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency may affect your monthly expenses and add to the total environmental impact.

Conserving energy in your home may be crucial for:

  • Your energy bill’s price
  • How hot or cold your house is
  • Your environmental footprint

All of the above will experience significant changes if you begin making investments in a more energy-efficient home.

Low energy efficiency means you are actively emitting a large portion of the energy you use into the environment. This also means utilizing more power than necessary to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Your home’s heat is more likely to escape through an outside door or window, and these components can significantly affect energy efficiency. Making sure your sliding or patio doors are as energy-efficient as possible can reduce the energy needed to heat your house.

A glass door’s energy efficiency can be impacted by several factors, so knowing what to look for when shopping helps you discover the ideal door for your house.

What to Know About Sliding Glass Doors?

The door sector remains robust with a growing trend of sliding doors in modern interior design. Doors that slide open horizontally are known as sliding doors.

You may wonder, “why is my sliding door hard to open?” This is because they are either fixed to a track or suspended from it, making it quite tricky to slide open seamlessly.

Other parts of the house, like the patio, would benefit from energy-efficient patio doors. If you’ve gone to the hardware store and asked the staff, “what is the best sliding patio door?” They will likely show you their best sellers instead of presenting energy-efficient sliding glass options.

Patio Doors Vs. French Doors

If you are moving massive furniture into your home or hosting parties where there will be a lot of foot traffic in and out, you may be constrained by the width of the patio slider. French doors, on the other hand, can provide a wider opening—depending on your design.

It’s vital to remember that certain manufacturers provide sliding glass door alternatives that are more expensive than what is often associated with this door style. It is possible to open a typical two-panel French door nearly twice as wide as a two-panel sliding patio door if both doors are movable. 

What is a Bifold Door?

A bifold door has two or more panels that are hinged together at the ends. As the door slides open, the panels can easily fold or stack and rest off to one side. The meetings begin to straighten out again as they close by, sliding from the stack and completing end to end.

Both business and residential spaces can gain from the aesthetic and functional addition of bifold sliding glass doors.

These multi-panel glass door systems open up a whole wall for access and fresh air. They can be used as interior room separators for bigger spaces, with opaque or translucent glass panels for added visual privacy. Moreover, glass bifold doors are used to elevate a variety of residential areas.

What is a Right-Hand Sliding Door?

A right-hand sliding door works best if the functioning patio door panel is on the side facing away from the building. This type of door comes with external handles, jamb or frame weatherstripping, exterior keyed locks, and retractable insect screens.

The patio door’s opposite side has interior knobs. Additional parts like rollers, gliding bug screens, and interlock weatherstrip is not handed out.

What is a Sliding French Door?

It is possible to open a typical two-panel sliding French door nearly twice as wide as a two-panel sliding patio door if both doors are movable. Although it requires more floor area to open and close, this layout is ideal for moving objects in and out or accommodating vast crowds of people.

When planning the layout of your room, keep in mind the path your doors take since if you want them to open completely, you can’t put anything too close to them.

Choosing Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home

An energy-efficient sliding glass door depends on the material used in its construction. When deciding which choice is best, this is just one factor to consider.

Frame Materials

Do you know that different door materials have other performance characteristics? Modern styles can be modified to meet a variety of various household styles thanks to technology.

The best sliding glass doors blend nicely with any style of building, from Colonial to mid-century. The ultimate objective should be to maximize energy efficiency while simultaneously achieving a long-lasting boost in security and aesthetics.

Multiple Glass Layers

When it comes to maintaining interior temperatures, these many glass panes will produce a superior product if they are produced appropriately. Although more modern techniques use gases, the space between the panes can occasionally contain air.

Glass Coatings

Your sliding glass doors gain an additional layer of insulation and security from coating the glass. Basic tints produce gently colored outside aesthetics while dimming the natural brightness entering your home. But certain coatings do additional functions, such as enhancing light filtration.

Your home’s interior and furniture will fade due to UV rays, and infrared light will heat it unnecessarily during the summer. A quality silver oxide coating, such as SunCoat Low-E, can help keep this harmful light out of your house.

How Much Do Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors Cost?

The size and brand, among other things, might affect the cost of energy-efficient sliding glass doors. However, the average cost of energy-efficient sliding glass doors ranges from $800 to $2,000.

Premium manufacturers frequently charge extra for their glass doors. A premium brand’s sliding glass doors can run as high as $5,000.

Depending on what must be done to complete the installation, the price to install an energy-efficient sliding glass door will change. Here are some standard costs:

  • $800 and $2,000 – Installing new glass doors
  • $1,100 to $2,600 – It is needed to retrofit an existing aperture to accommodate a new, energy-efficient sliding glass door.
  • $1,400 to $3,500 – Installing a new sliding glass door into a solid wall.

If you’re just replacing an old door, you might be able to finish the job yourself. However, it’s advisable to contact a specialist if adapting an existing area is necessary.

One-Stop-Source for Sliding Doors

This is typically due to the expense and installation process generally connected with buying and installing a new patio door; materials and installation time might also differ depending on the area.

It’s best to research numerous brands, producers, and sellers to develop a list of the best patio doors. Many businesses offer breakdowns of product characteristics but omit the product’s actual price.

Let’s start building a unique luxury masterpiece that is an extension of your client’s vision and your creativity. Contact us at 877-590-2741 at  Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re still on the fence about getting new sliding glass doors that are energy efficient for your home, see these questions below.

Are sliding doors available in any variations?

The rollers must be placed below the door, and the guide rail must be placed on top for doors that are too heavy to support from a top hanging system. Although these doors are far more challenging to open, they can be made of heavier materials and construction.

Which sliding patio door has the highest energy efficiency?

The goods that qualify for the ENERGY STAR program’s Most Efficient 2022 distinction are those that are the most energy-efficient. This year’s most innovative energy-efficient items are these sliding glass patio doors.

What drawbacks are there to sliding doors?

The quantity of cleaning required by sliding doors is its main drawback. Due to the size of the glass, you might notice a buildup of filth, oil, and grime, which is exacerbated in houses with kids or pets.

What is a Right-Hand Sliding Door?

In design and construction, a sliding glass door, patio door, or door wall is a type of sliding door with a big glass window opening that provides access from a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and abundant natural light.

Typically, a sliding glass door is regarded as a single unit consisting of two-panel portions, one of which is stationary and the other of which is mobile to slide open. Another concept, a wall-sized glass pocket door, features one or more panels that are removable and slide into wall pockets, creating a wide open indoor-outdoor space.

In Europe and North America, the introduction of the sliding glass door was an important part of pre-war international style architecture. In traditional Japanese architecture, its forerunners are the Shoji and Fusuma sliding panel doors.

The post-war building boom in modernist and Mid-century modern designs, and then on to suburban ranch-style tract houses, multi-unit housing, and hotel-motel chains, has made them a typical component in residential and hospitality building construction in many areas and nations.

Left Hand vs. Right Hand Sliding Door

The handedness of a sliding door is expressed from the exterior of the structure. A left-hand door opens on the left, while a right-hand door opens on the right.

Sometimes, these relationships are denoted by the letters O and X, where O represents the fixed panel and X represents the sliding panel. The O/X notation allows doors with more than two panels to be described.

Design Options

Below are its design options:


Traditional sliding doors consist of two panels, one of which is immovable and the other of which slides open. The actual sliding door is a movable rectangular sheet of window glass that is framed and attached parallel to a comparable and frequently fixed adjacent glass divider. Typically, the movable panel slides along a fixed track in its own plane parallel to the adjacent stationary panel.

A specialized form for Japanese-style rooms or Washitsu produces sliding Shoji and Fusuma panel doors with traditional materials for interior use and modern adaptations for exterior exposure and use.

They are utilized in themed and modern restaurants, apartments, and Japanese garden tea rooms, among other settings. Japan and Western nations house manufacturers of specialized goods.


Another sliding door style, glass pocket doors have glass panels that slide completely into open-wall pockets, so creating a wall-free, wide-open indoor-outdoor space. This may feature corner window walls to further blur the boundary between inside and outside open space. 

Frequently, remote controllers are used to electronically open two-story versions. For expansive areas, the entrance point is centered, and three to six parallel rails are utilized to transport six to twelve sliding doors into wall pockets on each side. Recent popularity, coverage in shelter magazines, and technical and structural advancements have brought numerous possibilities to market.

Trackless and Disappearing

The third design for sliding doors suspends all glass panels from above, leaving a floor surface devoid of tracks and uninterrupted. Additionally, they disappear into side pockets. Upon final closure, they dip slightly to form a weatherproof seal.

The original technique was invented by a German firm, and it is primarily utilized in temperate areas.

Opening Corner

The sliding glass doors can be modified to glide away from a corner connection, leaving behind no corner post or frame. The corner stile consists of two vertical profiles, male and female sections, which interlock and move away with the sliding doors.

This meeting point does not have to be a 90-degree angle; it can also be an inverted corner, allowing these frames to effortlessly integrate with any design.

Uses of Sliding Doors

In Southern Europe and throughout the United States, sliding glass doors are famous in hotel rooms, condominiums, apartments, and houses; for access to higher balconies; for broad landscapes out—more natural light in; and to improve incoming fresh air.


Additionally, in some places, sliding glass doors are often utilized between the interior rooms of a residence and a courtyard, patio, deck, balcony, garden, backyard, barbeque area, or swimming pool area. They are typically referred to as patio doors in this context. They are also utilized in interior design, typically in workplaces and vehicle sales areas, to provide private office space that is soundproof but still visible.

In residential interiors, they are employed, frequently with translucent frosted glass like a traditional Shoji door, to enable more natural light to enter the dwelling and expand the perception of interior space.

Special sliding glass panels, known as platform screen doors, are installed on train platforms to shield passengers from the elements.

Energy Efficiency of Right-Handed Door

Swinging glass doors are preferable to sliding glass doors because they provide a considerably tighter seal, but the glass—even the best quality of glass, chosen according to the climate zone—is always a poor insulator, making doors made from it a poor choice in terms of thermal comfort.

Therefore, glass doors should have insulated frames and be double or triple glazed with low-emissivity coatings and gas-filling to limit their detrimental temperature impact on the living space. Glass doors with metal frames should also have thermal breaks. The doors should be appropriately sized and secured using shades, curtains, blinds, and other means.

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Before making a purchase, it is essential to take into account installation and maintenance costs, as well as the desired level of security. It is also essential that the style and color of the door complement the rest of the home.

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What is a Sliding Door? Everything You Need to Know

Sliding doors, which were prevalent among the ancient Japanese, have now become a national architectural norm. Sliding glass doors are a popular choice among the most adventurous interior designers and homeowners and for a good reason.

They add heaps of charm to interior spaces by being both practical and aesthetically beautiful. Whether on commercial or residential premises, installing this structure has numerous visual benefits.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Consider some of the most notable characteristics and benefits of installing sliding doors.

Improved Spatial Comfort

As they move down a track and do not open into another area, sliding doors maximize space efficiency. In megalopolises, where people live in high-rise apartments with limited square footage, sliding doors give the illusion of space.

These doors are aesthetically pleasing and simple to install and maintain. In essence, these doors can give the impression of space that makes a home or office appear larger than it actually is.

More Natural Light Will Enter

The installation of sliding doors will allow an abundance of natural light to enter and illuminate a home or office. Additionally, reducing artificial lighting during the day will make a house appear cozier and more inviting.

The versatility of placing floor-to-ceiling glass panels might provide a more expansive picture of the surroundings.

Structural Flexibility

Unlike typical hinged doors, sliding doors can be wide or high as needed. This facilitates the movement of large furniture into and out of rooms. It also allows for smooth foot movement during gatherings and other situations.

Silent and Low-Maintenance

Doors that slide cannot be smashed! It is that straightforward. Compared to other designs, they are quieter to open and close and require minimal maintenance. To clean the sliding door panels and glass panes, one only requires soapy water, a sponge, and a soft cloth.

Unrivaled Aesthetics and Variety

Glass sliding doors are available in a wide array of styles. The frames can be powder-coated and customized to meet the aesthetic requirements of your client’s home.

There are numerous configurations available, including pocket sliding doors, sliding patio doors, sliding French doors, bypass doors, sliding bifold doors, etc.

Energy Efficiency

The installation of double-paned sliding glass doors assists with heat gain or loss. During the summer months, in particular, these doors will prevent hot air from entering your interior spaces. 

During the winter, they will trap the internal heat, maintaining year-round appropriate indoor temperatures. This will help you lower your heating and cooling system’s energy consumption, resulting in substantial savings on your monthly energy expenses.

Increased Safety

It was believed that sliding doors might not be the safest structure to install within a residence, but toughened glass has changed this perception. Double-paned toughened glass gives these sliding doors a great deal of strength and stability.

If your client has young children who accidentally run into sliding glass doors, they will not be injured. In addition, if the glass panes break, they will shatter into small, blunt, pebble-like bits that are capable of causing serious injury, unlike standard glass panes. That said, sliding doors are incredibly safe and easy to install.

Types of Sliding Door Design

Below are five different types of sliding door designs for a home.

Double Sliding Door

A double sliding door comprises two doors that open to the sides from the centerfold. This sliding door style generates a large opening, making it ideal for a home’s front door and access to the living area. Whether made entirely of wood or framed glass, a double sliding door design will give your client’s house a striking appearance.

Patio Door

As its name suggests, a patio door is used to connect the home’s living space to the patio. Perhaps it is the most well-known sliding door style. It features a minimum of two glass doors that open one on top of the other.

This sliding door concept in a home integrates indoor and outdoor living and allows natural light to enter the room.

Pocket Door

If you desire a semipermanent separation in an open portion of your living room, installing a pocket door is a suitable solution. A pocket door is constructed with a space within the wall where the door disappears when opened.

This style of sliding door is highly adaptable since it can be adjusted to open or close as needed, providing seclusion while preventing a claustrophobic feeling.

Barn Door

If you desire a traditional appearance for your home, a barn door may be the best option for you. Installing a barn door requires mounting a track above the door opening where the door will open and close.

Typically, a barn door is made of wood, making it compatible with current traditional architecture. This sliding door style is simple to install and suitable for a variety of applications, including bedroom doors and room separators.

Frameless Glass Door

A frameless glass sliding door is a good alternative if you want to give your client’s home a modern look. As the barrier is constructed of glass, it will clearly divide rooms and create an airy atmosphere.

Frameless glass doors offer the space a clean appearance and boost the room’s visual appeal by allowing more light to enter.

One-Stop-Source for Sliding Doors

Bringing the outdoors inside is a popular concept in architecture and interior design nowadays. This is made possible by the exquisite application of sliding doors. These buildings can now reach heights of 12 feet or more, thanks to innovations in glass.

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What is a Bifold Door? Everything You Need to Know

Bifold doors are doors that slide open and consist of a series of concertina-like panels that fold against the wall. Although conventional, single-leaf doors are common in most modern homes, they can be incredibly inconvenient if you attempt to maximize the living space.

A bifold door that pulls open from the center and provides full visibility and access to what’s behind it—in a single swift motion—is a more attractive, durable, and distinctive option. In addition, the sheer weight of the sturdy doors eliminates the shuddering which is typically associated with sliding doors.

Bifold doors can be installed on the interior or exterior of a home, as a gateway to a garden or conservatory, or even as a way to divide a larger room without sacrificing its spaciousness. Therefore, in terms of adaptability, there is no better alternative!

Bifold Doors in a Nutshell

Bi-fold doors, also known as folding sliding doors or room dividers, can fold in or out to create more space. Additionally, they have a traffic door for daily entry and exit.

Typically, bifold doors are glazed with large glass panels that let in abundant light. Folding doors maximize space by allowing the door to slide open while its panels fold up and stack against the wall.

As previously stated, bifold doors can be internal or external, with internal bifold doors typically used to cover smaller spaces such as pantries, laundry rooms, and closets. External bifold doors are typically used to connect the interior to the exterior of the home.

External bifold doors are typically found at the rear of a residence, leading to a garden or summer house. In contrast, internal bifold doors are found in various locations and can be used for various purposes. Remember that all exterior bifold doors should be able to withstand severe weather.

Bifold doors are available in numerous materials, including wood, PVC, steel, and aluminum. Timber bifold doors are especially aesthetically pleasing, whereas steel and aluminum bifold doors are a popular option for contemporary homeowners. There are also a variety of color options available.

How Do Bifold Doors Work?

Both interior and exterior bifold doors utilize a simple tracking system that extends along the panels, which are interconnected by a track. The doors operate by folding inward and then gliding along the tracking system with the assistance of a series of wheels or a lower tracking system, which both result in a smooth motion and quiet operation.

Bifold doors, especially interior ones, typically come in pairs, consisting of two doors that fold to one side or four doors that part in the middle, with two doors folding back on either side. Open either inwards or outwards, your bifold doors often come with the necessary gear already fitted. This adaptability has contributed to their recent popularity among homeowners with an open mindset.

The majority of bifold doors feature between two and seven hinged panels, all of which are attached to the roller track at the top or bottom of the door—or both. It is advisable not to exert too much force, as doing so could cause the doors to detach from the track system.

Benefits of Installing Bifold Doors

Internal and external bifold doors offer a high degree of adaptability and may be modified to meet virtually any need. They are perfect for connecting living areas, kitchens, dining rooms, and more, and if you opt for a unique configuration, they might make your client’s home stand out.

As you may choose from several materials like steel, aluminum, or wood, as well as multiple styles, textures, colors, and shapes—both interior and exterior bifold doors benefit from versatility. 

There are, however, benefits that are exclusive to the exterior or interior doors. Additionally, they are deceptively easy to clean, repair, and install.


The most obvious advantage of using an external bi-folding door is the breathtaking views they provide and the concept of bringing some of the outdoors inside. Obviously, this will depend on how attractive the garden or backyard is, but if it weren’t, you probably wouldn’t have considered this choice in the first place!

In either case, a set of bifold doors will maximize the quantity of natural light entering a room. Security is also a big benefit, as exterior bifold doors will contain a locking system distributed over numerous places on the sliding track instead of just one.


When open, bifold doors occupy very little space, making them ideal for smaller interior spaces such as laundry rooms and kitchen pantries. This is due to the fact that they fold back on themselves, taking up significantly less space than French or conventional sliding doors.

With a bifold interior door opening into your closet, you will have access to the entire space as it opens on both sides. Additionally, they are very simple to install.

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Bi-fold doors are smaller than other doors, such as French doors or sliding patio doors, and they let a lot of natural light into your home. Bi-fold doors only occupy about 10% of the space around standard type doors, which can be wasted up to 50% of the time.

A lean-to-conservatory or modern orangery building looks especially contemporary with bi-fold doors added.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the exterior bifold doors have a locking system that engages at numerous places rather than just one. Additionally, you might take steps to reinforce the glass of the door panels and the door frames.

Steel with reinforced glass is an excellent choice if security is a top priority for you. Lastly, you could always install an alarm, which would provide your client with some additional peace of mind.

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What is a Swing Door?

Check out homes where the doors to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are likely all swing doors. A swing door is any entrance with two hinges that open either inwards or outwards.

They are always framed, but they can be constructed from various materials, including wood, aluminum, plastic, steel, and glass, allowing you to customize the door to fit your client’s space. 

Most swing doors are manually operated, but selecting an automated swinging door offers many additional benefits.

Automated Swing Doors

Automated swing doors are appropriate for both interior and exterior applications. They can be created with or without a threshold and can fulfill a variety of needs. With break-out features, smoke and fire control features, and burglary protection for added security, they make great emergency doors.

If your client has specific requirements, you can add various features like soundproofing.

The Benefits of Automatic Doors

When you opt for an automated swing door over a manual swing door, you improve the accessibility of a building, increase hygiene standards, and ensure passage without obstructions. And with regulated closing sequences and locking security, you can rest assured they also contribute to the safety and security of the building.

Double Swinging Doors

A double-swinging door is a single or double door that can swing in two directions. It is also known as a double-action door.

When the two doors are attached to their hinges, each can swing independently and in both directions. Double-swinging doors are instantly recognizable from wild-west films, but they’ve undergone significant development since then.

These doors are a cost-effective solution to the problem of two-way movement through any opening, allowing both spaces to retain some degree of privacy. Additionally, the doors create a visual or sound barrier between the two areas.

Although solutions are essential, you do not need to spend an arm and a leg on providing them. Ensure that you purchase a door that fits your client’s space.

Double-Action Hinges or a Pivot Hinge

Double swinging doors, unlike single swinging doors, are mounted on double-action hinges or pivot hinges. This allows the door to swing in both directions and automatically return to its center position.

Double action hinges, unlike single action hinges, do not require door stops or a traditional door jamb. Simple and quick installation of double action hinges is possible. Double swinging doors can be installed in both traditional and non-traditional openings.

There are a variety of double-action hinge options for swinging doors. Choose the hold open or non-hold open feature when selecting your hardware, depending on your client’s preference.

With the versatility of a double-action hinge, swinging doors can be installed in various locations throughout the residence. They can be installed in tight spaces and virtually any opening size.

Why Choose Swinging Doors?

Double swinging doors are a simple solution to any door problems that may arise.

In certain instances, you may require a door that provides privacy and functionality. Standard doors impede the transmission of air conditioning and heat between spaces. This is a common issue that full-sized doors struggle to resolve.

Frequently, a double-swinging door is only partially long. This indicates that airflow can pass freely underneath and over the door. These are available in various lengths and widths, which means that you won’t need to modify the opening and can purchase a door that fits.

These doors will also remain permanently closed because the mechanism will return the doors to their center position, ensuring that you will never forget to close them again.

Swing Door vs Sliding Door vs French Door

Choosing a door style is likely one of the most sought-after home improvement projects. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or simply remodeling, selecting the right door will add roughly the same amount of value to your client’s home as it will cost to purchase and install. Understanding how each type operates and where it will function most effectively will help you select the ideal door.

Let’s look at swing doors, sliding doors, and French doors to determine which style is best for your client’s residence.

  • Swing Doors – Single-panel and double-panel swing doors are ideal for larger openings and dramatically improve natural daylighting. With a left and right hinge, they provide both out-swing and in-swing options, making them suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Swing doors, one of the most advanced doors available, are also available in manual and automatic variations.

  • Sliding Doors Sliding doors are an ideal way to extend the ambiance of your client’s home by blending seamlessly with the great outdoors.

These doors, also known as bypass doors, visually enlarge and brighten any room while providing unobstructed views of both the interior and exterior.

  • French Doors – French doors add an understated elegance to any room, they adorn and complement almost any layout design. They effortlessly make a dramatic statement and will captivate you and your clients for many years.

The real answer depends on your client’s specific requirements. The choice between an all-purpose sliding door, an extravagant French door, and a multipurpose, highly secure swing door is ultimately determined by the individual’s needs, architectural configuration, and budget. 

Whatever door you select for your client, be sure to customize it to their preferences and a swing door made from steel can definitely add value and enhance curb appeal for your client’s property.

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What is the Best Sliding Patio Door?

Patios, backyards, decks, and balconies are wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors close to the home. Patio doors that are simple to operate are ideal for granting access to these relaxing areas while protecting the home from the elements, pests, and intruders.

Numerous types, sizes, materials, and even color choices are available for patio doors, allowing you to find products that meet your client’s specific needs and preferences.

The best patio doors will fit snugly into the door frame to protect your client’s house from adverse weather and keep out rodents and insects. Impact-resistant glass is also an intelligent security measure for sliding glass doors, while energy-efficient materials help to insulate the home and reduce utility costs.

Use this guide to learn what other features and factors to consider when purchasing an energy-efficient solution, and browse this list of the best patio doors to choose from.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Patio Doors

When looking for French patio doors, hinged patio doors, or simple swinging doors for your client’s home, keep in mind the door type, size, and material, all of which can impact energy efficiency, security, and installation.

Door Type

The two most popular types of glass patio doors are French doors and sliding doors. There are also multi-slide and bifold options, though they are less prevalent. The manner in which they open and close and the size of the opening they provide differ.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are enclosed within a metal frame attached to the doorway’s rough studs. The door can be opened and closed by sliding along the frame’s bottom and top tracks. Typically, one side of a door is fixed while the other side slides along a track.

Hinged or French Doors

Typically, hinged or French doors are sold in pairs that can be mounted on opposite sides of the door frame. When closed, the French patio doors meet in the middle, but they do not require center support, so when they are open, they provide significantly more space than sliding patio doors. Nevertheless, some French patio doors have one fixed door and one operable door, providing an opening similar to that of a standard sliding door.

Multi-Slide Doors

A type of sliding door commonly found in hotels and other public establishments. Essentially, manufacturers enhance the standard sliding-door design with one or more additional doors. Except for one fixed pane, all doors can be slid open or closed. However, these doors are often excessively large for residential use.

Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors are also mounted on a track, but instead of sliding in behind a stationary door, they pivot on the track. Each door rotates to the side and stacks accordion-style to provide a larger doorway opening than a standard sliding door. Due to their rarity, these doors may be difficult to locate and costly to install.


Although the majority of patio door manufacturers produce doors with glass panes, the surrounding frame may be comprised of wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of patio doors is measured by their capacity to prevent heat transfer through the material, around the door, and through the frame.

Due to the low heat transfer of high-efficiency products, an air-conditioned home will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Aluminum patio doors and other low-efficiency products can increase heating and cooling costs.

Solid wood is more energy efficient than metal due to its superior insulating properties. Despite the fact that glass is susceptible to heat transfer, many sliding glass patio doors have two panes of glass within a single frame.

This helps reduce heat transfer and insulate the door by creating an air cushion. The Energy Star logo on a product indicates its high efficiency.


Weatherstripping is an essential component of all exterior doors, including car doors. When the door is closed, it forms a seal with the weatherstripping, preventing airflow, moisture, dust, dirt, and insects from entering.


The ideal patio doors include one or more built-in locking systems for home security.


The installation procedure for patio doors is dependent on the type of door. French doors are attached to the door frame with hinges. They must be measured to ensure that the doors close securely and meet in the middle.

During installation, these doors must also be supported from the bottom to prevent their weight from ripping screws out of the frame before the entire door can be secured.

What is the Best Sliding Patio Door to Buy?

Steel double doors are an excellent option for those who prefer hinged patio doors over sliding ones. Each door has two panes of insulating glass that form an air pocket to reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior.

The panes are held in place by a lightweight, white fiberglass frame that is also durable. The frame can be painted to match the aesthetic of the house; just make sure to use exterior-rated paint.

These French doors are water-, corrosion-, and temperature change-resistant. Despite the fact that the handle and lock are on the left, right-handed options are available. Determine the optimal door size between 60-by-80-inch and 72-by-80-inch doors by measuring the opening.

Get the Best Patio Door from a Trusted Manufacturer

To compile a list of the best patio doors, one must conduct extensive research on a variety of brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

Given the cost and installation process typically associated with purchasing and installing new patio doors, many companies provide breakdowns of product specifications but omit the actual price of the product—materials and installation time can also vary based on location.

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