Wood Door vs Steel Door: Which is the Best Exterior Door for Your Clients?

The door is the first thing one sees when entering a home or office. The handle is the initial point of contact. It keeps outsiders out and family members in.

Regardless of the weather, the doors keep it outside. In other words, the exterior doors of a home are crucial. When selecting doors, you will likely have to make an important choice between steel and wood.

There is no conclusive answer regarding the best material for an exterior door. Both wood and steel have their advantages and disadvantages. You only need to determine which ones matter most to your clients!

Let’s examine the aspects of wood vs steel front doors to determine which has the upper hand.


Wood Doors

The wood grain’s natural texture is warm and inviting. From dark walnut to striking flame maple, the wood grain itself is captivating. However, carvings and engravings can transform a door into a focal point.

Wood can be stained or painted, offering the homeowner a vast array of options for customization.

Steel Doors

It is more difficult to make steel doors attractive. The surface can be chilly and unwelcoming. Typically, steel doors are painted a single color and feature simple panel patterns that are well-constructed. Obviously, this is not a problem if this is the planned result.

Additionally, extra sheathing or embossing can provide a wood-like appearance.


Wood Doors

There are wood doors that are similar to steel doors but expect wood to be more expensive. Growing a tree from a seedling to a mature tree requires much time and effort. If you intend to use more exotic wood, the price will increase even further.

Steel Doors

Steel is typically regarded as the most cost-effective option. Even elegant steel doors with simulated paneling and embossing will be far less expensive than comparable wooden doors.

Energy Efficiency

Wood Doors

While a wood door is excellent at retaining moisture and air, it is less effective at insulating against heat and cold. Steel is far more energy-efficient than wood. However, manufacturers can construct wood doors with energy-efficient and fire-resistant cores.

Steel Doors

For optimal energy efficiency, steel is preferable to wood since it has higher insulating characteristics. However, adding a glass pane will reduce efficiency.


Wood Doors

Even though wood is aesthetically beautiful, it is less durable than steel. Wood can be shattered or chopped through even if you’ve made other efforts to protect your door, such as installing sturdy strike plates with lengthy mounting screws to kick the door more difficult. Obviously, a window can nullify this security benefit.

Steel Doors

When it comes to repelling break-ins, a well-constructed steel door with a sturdy frame may as well be a wall.

Even hollow steel doors offer greater protection than the majority of wood exterior doors, while many steel doors, like those sold by CDF Distributors, are filled with insulation and strengthened to boost their robustness.


Wood Doors

To maintain the appearance and functionality of wood doors, they must be refinished every couple of years. The front, back, sides, top, and bottom must be sealed to prevent the wood from decaying or attracting termites and other pests.

Repairs for scratched or dented wood front doors are rather simple. Typically, sanding and touch-up paint are sufficient to repair minor damage.

Steel Doors

To prevent scratches, steel doors are coated with vinyl or polyester at the manufacturing stage. However, when the coating on your steel door wears away, you must repaint or recoat it. If not avoided promptly, steel doors can rust when exposed to moisture.

If steel becomes dented or damaged, repairs are more difficult than with wood. Steel must be sanded and filled to prevent deterioration of the door.


Wood Doors

When properly sealed, wood can endure for generations. The purpose of paint and finishes is to prevent rot, and as long as routine maintenance prevents the finish from wearing away, the wood front door will remain functional.

In addition to preventing warping and minimizing expansion and contraction, proper finishing also prevents wood from warping.

Steel Doors

Despite its strength, steel is not as durable as wood under the same conditions of daily use. This may depend on the willingness of the homeowner or business owner to perform maintenance, but keeping up with every dent and paint chip is difficult for even the most meticulous individual. Once rust has formed, it is difficult to remove.

In Summary

In conclusion, fiberglass and steel are superior to wood for housing insulation. Steel doesn’t just give your home a unique aesthetic beauty, but also adds more security which gives your clients the peace of mind and protection they deserve.

The exterior of a home is crucial when comparing homes. The entry door, which serves as the main focal point of the exterior of your home, has the power to either improve or detract from the aesthetics of the space.

The fact that steel doors for your home are very energy-efficient is one of their main benefits. We’ve all encountered the unpleasant difficulties associated with having inefficient doors at some point. Steel doors are built with thermal adhesives to strengthen their structural integrity and maximize insulation.

Now that we have analyzed and compared the attributes of each door, let Euroline Steel Windows and Doors examine how these results relate to real-world scenarios and requirements so that you may choose the door that best meets your client’s needs. This will involve making broad assumptions about their circumstances, but you may be in the best position to apply it.

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Author: Elyas Balta

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history in innovation and scalability in the luxury building materials industry. Passionate about inspiring and empowering others to grow in character and success. Determined in bringing art and engineering together to create and manufacture an exotic product line of steel windows and doors.