Why Steel Door Replacements Are One Strong Investment

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Hold on just a minute there, homeowners: before you begin working on that new family room extension, take a few moments to understand its potential return investment.

Every year, Remodeling magazine offers a Cost vs. Value Report that gives a riveting look at the percentage of numerous home improvement project costs that have the greatest chances of being recouped during resale. This report realizes that not every home remodeling project is created equal—in fact, you’ll most likely get more of an investment back when you’ve built a wooden deck, for instance, than when you’ve implemented a sunroom.

To give consumers a better idea about which jobs provide the greatest potential returns, a recent edition of the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report gathered together evidence that found one home improvement project gives you all the bang for your buck!

The Best Investment: Steel entry door replacement

Homeowners who wish to install a steel front door typically end up recouping almost 129 percent of the project’s total cost when they ultimately sell their home, the report indicates. Sal Alfano, the head editorial director for Remodeling magazine, believes that’s at least partially because steel doors aren’t as expensive as their alternatives. For example, a fiberglass front door replacement project could cost you nearly three times the amount of a steel door replacement, the report acknowledges. A steel door, though, can still remain attractive enough for your home’s appeal to stay intact. After all, a new door can make quite the first impression on people when they look at your house, Alfano admits.

What’s more, a steel door can even cause your home to be more energy efficient, claims one home improvement professional by the name of Danny Lipford. Steel usually will offer a solid magnetic weather stripping, he says. That allows you to be able to close it while that magnetic weather stripping closes up quite nicely, he goes on. That being said, Lipford warns that although steel makes for an awesome painted surface, it doesn’t always mesh well with every design preference. If what you’re aiming for is a stained look or a rich wooden appearance, he says, you can resemble the stain– but right when you knock on your steel door, it could become more obvious that it’s not so realistic-looking. Because of this, choose your designs wisely with this top-rated house investment!

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