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Taylor Brothers

Architect - Los Angeles, CA

Located in California, Taylor Brothers is a unique and high quality supply company that represents the best brands in construction.



Taylor Brothers makes a strong and dedicated promise to its customers: “To provide our customer the best possible service in the quting, selling, and delivering of door, window, molding and hardware products resulting in our customer’s acknowledgement that they were delivered better than expected service and products at a great price”. Now that is a promise you can believe in. This company is hugely dedicated to not only fulfilling their customer’s expectations, but exceeding them.

They achieve this by partnering with the best manufacturers of construction and home goods in the market. High quality goods that are reliable and effective are sure to satisfy and delight customers. Taylor Brothers also ensures that these goods are always delivered in a timely and safe way, avoiding mistakes and damage that their competitors might make.

The main focus of Taylor Brothers is to work with industry trade professionals in Southern California. They help supply and deliver all types of crucial materials for different types of construction and design projects across the local area. The team at Taylor Brothers does not just passively deliver and fulfill needs.


Instead, the team works very closely with architects, contractors, carpenters, and homeowners to understand the constantly evolving needs of the industry and what architects and design firms may need in the future. This creates a highly adaptable company that can foresee demands of different types of projects and collaborate with architects to ensure these can be fulfilled in an effective and efficient way.

Taylor Brothers is a family run business with a deep commitment to satisfying customers in every way possible with the best windows and doors in the industry. The team comes with over 180 years of combined experience across the 18 member sales team. This kind of expertise and commitment is very hard to find anywhere else.


Phone Number: 323-805-0200


Headquarter: 2934 Riverside Drive Los Angeles, CA 90039

Founded: 2003





Address: 2934 Riverside Drive Los Angeles, CA 90039

Phone: 323-805-0200


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