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Architect - Dallas, TX

Founded in 1974 in Dallas, Texas, O’Brien Architects is a shining beacon of what a design and architecture firm can be. It was started as a family business and has continued to successfully grow and flourish ever since, but without losing any of its values and sense of camaraderie and teamwork along the way. 



Started by Jack O’Brien, the firm is still led by the O’Brien clan, with Jack still involved as a unique design visionary who can even draw up sketches on the spot when meeting with clients. His passion, skill, and sheer talent are recognized throughout the industry and his team are inspired daily by his dedication to architecture and design.

The firm implements new modern technology into the design process, such as unique visionary and animation platforms. This allows for a better understanding of the space and process before construction even begins. Potential risks and mistakes are therefore avoided and creative solutions discovered.

Though the firm has grown considerably since its start over four decades ago, they are still known for their high quality of work across the entire span of a project. Compared to many other design firms, O’Brien Architects places a huge amount of importance and value in their relationships with clients. They have a deep commitment to fully understanding the needs of their clients and want to fulfill these in effective and creative ways that other firms may not ever even think of.

O’Brien Architects has now completed over 4,500 successful projects across the United States. They have a studio focused approach which is client-centric, meaning ego is checked at the door and the design suits the client rather than adhering to any ‘signature style’ that could distract from the main goal of satisfying client vision and needs. The firm has worked across numerous sectors including retail spaces,  industrial, mix-use buildings, office, civic, and healthcare industries. This demonstrates just how agile and creative the team at O’Brien Architects really is.

Phone Number: +19727881010


Headquarter: 1722 Routh St Ste 122, Dallas, TX 75201

Founded: 1974




team member

Sean O'Brien


team member

Mick Granlund

Vice President


Address: 1722 Routh St Ste 122, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: +19727881010


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