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DJ Balling Construction was founded in 1993 and hit the ground running. We started doing various projects in Los Gatos before completing our first Atherton construction in 2005. Since then, our company has successfully handled more than 12 major projects in the city.



D.J. Balling Construction has nearly three decades of excellence in design and construction under its belt. This firm has lots of experience with major projects across Los Gatos and Atehrton, as well as many other local municipalities. D.J. Balling Construction covers everything from start to finish, from initial brainstorming around design and vision through to the very last stage of construction and completion. This holistic approach ensures that the entire team feels a deep sense of ownership and pride in their work and genuine excitement for each and every project.

What’s more, this design and construction firm is passionate about everything they do. This means that they want to make sure their clients are left more than happy at every stage of the process.

The team at D.J. Balling Construction is known for their attention to detail, which means clients will be in a pair of safe hands that they can rely on and be confident in. You will not be able to discover mistakes in the work produced by this team. They are dedicated to getting it all right from start to finish and collaborating closely with every client to ensure the end result matches the client’s vision closely.

This architecture and construction firm is also incredibly transparent when it comes to everything they do. They want to be upfront with budgets, timeframes, and the design itself. This means that clients will not be landed with a bill they did not foresee or agree to and are also kept up to date and aware of any necessary changes that might need to take place.

With a visionary sense of design, a holistic approach to construction, and a deep commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and confidence, D.J. Balling Construction has made a name for itself in the industry.


Phone Number: (510) 713-9536


Headquarter: 37530 Enterprise Ct. Suite 1 Newark, CA 94560

Founded: 1933




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Sandy Balling



Address: 37530 Enterprise Ct. Suite 1 Newark, CA 94560

Phone: (510) 713-9536


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