Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Euroline Steel Windows & Doors for my home or project?

The impact of Euroline upon the architecture is quite significant, dramatically embellishing the decor without drawing undue attention. Euroline steel windows and steel doors are unique because they rejuvenate every living space with a sense of openness while sealing the environment. The ultra-low profile frames will accentuate the decor of any style home. From an original old European accent to contemporary sharp lines, the elegance of the steel windows and doors carries through with a gorgeous look and functionality.

Will the style of the Euroline steel window or steel door be suitable for my project?

If you are looking for a product with a very narrow sightline, a feeling of enduring elegance, and understated taste, then Euroline will meet your preferences perfectly. We commonly work directly with the best architects in California, so we are accustomed to tailoring our product to your individual needs and delivering exactly what you have in mind, including exact dimensions, materials, and locksets. For example, if you seek a rustic European look, you may choose to have a solid panel on the bottom of the door with 3 lights, and if you are going with a hint of modern, you may want to have three to four lights vertically (down to the floor) without any solid panels on the bottom. Euroline is likely the best candidate for your application. Let’s talk about your project and the many options available to you.

Will Euroline steel windows and steel doors ever rust ?

With proper maintenance the Euroline steel window or door product will last forever. Nothing is maintenance-free, because paint will weather when exposed to harsh environments and UV light rays. Keeping the top layer of paint in good condition will ensure the product’s lifelong beauty. Depending on exposure to humidity and sun, we recommend repainting every 5 to 15 years. If the steel windows and doors are within a few hundred feet of the ocean, then visual inspection every two years is advised along with regular washing to remove any salt build-up, which shows as a white, chalky substance on the steel frames.

Who can install the Euroline Steel window and door

Our Euroline steel windows and doors install with great ease much like any other conventional window or door. In our Series 1A product line, the windows and doors are manufactured with a nail finish designed to surface mount onto the recessed sub framing into the basic rough opening. We provide the builder or the subcontractor with installation instructions and assist with all technical details. Our products are of the highest quality and we request quality-driven contractors to handle our steel windows and doors.

Are steel windows and steel doors comparable pricing to other products?

It is hard to compare steel windows and doors with those made of wood, aluminum or vinyl, as they offer a completely incomparable visage. Also, all of our units are built to order and are completely handcrafted and inspected at every stage of construction. Because steel windows and doors last as long as 50 years (or more), they are potentially a much better investment long term. Additionally, our windows and doors are zinc metalized, which provides a pre-installment rust protection for the frames and cuts your maintenance costs even more while adding to the perceived value of your home.

What are the U-values for Euroline steel windows and doors?

Euroline Steel Windows & Doors are NFRC tested and labeled. U-Values will vary depending on the type of unit, glass choice, and light configuration. These figures can be provided upon request.