Types of Steel Windows

As far as types of building materials go, steel windows are some of the most versatile and popular styles. There is a wide range of steel and glass window options to choose from. These options can also be customized to architects’ specific needs, allowing for designs to be adaptable for unique spaces.

There are many different types of steel window frames from Euroline Steel Windows & Doors to consider for your next project. This article will explore some of the most popular as well as a few less common choices and explore the beauty of a steel window frame.

Steel Casement Windows

Steel casement window is one of the most popular and in demand. These windows can be hung from the top, bottom, or side and therefore opened from any direction. This is a huge benefit as they can fit into any type of space and fit in with the atmosphere of the area. These are securely kept in place with a dog bolt.

Since steel can offer more narrow mullions than wood hardware would allow, a very sleek and elegant style can be created with this material.

Hopper and Awning Windows

Hopper and awning windows are a specific type of casement window. Hoppers have hinges at the bottom and open vertically. This makes them a great choice for a small room like a bathroom or basement and greatly improves ventilation in those areas of the house. Ventilators are incredibly important to preserve the airflow of the home and prevent dampness or other environmental problems.

Awning windows, on the other hand, hinge at the top, and the handle is used to open it outwards to the outside. Like a hopper, they are great for ventilation, but they also are a unique window design that can add visual interest to buildings.

Additionally, with awnings, there is no need for a window sill, which can be a great space-saving technique. Hopper and awning windows combine purpose with style, which can fit into any wall size and suit any design look.

French Windows

French windows operate in the same way that french doors do, with the hinges on both sides, so there is no post in the middle. This provides a generous view of the outdoors and an extremely elegant appearance.

French windows are great for people looking for panoramic views or a versatile window opening that will increase ventilation.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows do not have hinges and therefore, cannot be opened in any direction. Fixed windows are stunning features in both residential and commercial properties. They boast large panes or panels of glass that can be installed in sections of the room or even an entire wall. These windows have the strength and are often reinforced to ensure safety, durability and protection.

The whole place can be opened up with fixed windows as all the sightlines are in view. They also allow for floods of light to enter the room, enhancing a work environment or quality of life along the way.

Fixed windows are very popular in the design and construction market. As a result, they often become an integral part of the space.

Tilt Windows

These windows are one of the less commonly used options, but they are incredibly chic and growing in popularity. These windows can turn like casements or tilt like hung windows, which gives you a lot of directions in which you can swing the windows open. Many find that they have better airflow with tilt windows and that the hinge technology enhances the design aesthetic.

Letter Box Window

Letterbox windows are very modern and sleek. They are often slim rectangular windows that offer a wide view of the outdoors. Many people choose to install letterbox windows above their countertops or home office desk.

Sash Windows

A sash window is one that consists of one or more movable panels, or “sashes.” This is a very elegant option and is found in many historic homes. Sash, or hung, windows have panels that move up and down a track.

Additional Features of Steel Windows

When choosing which type of window you want to install in your home, you might want to consider the following additional features:

  • Openers – There are different ways that windows can open and each comes with a special look. For instance, instead of choosing a traditional handle, you might opt for a winder which will crank the window open and lock it in place so it will stay put.
  • More security – There are certain ways that you can add security to your windows. One example is a shoot bolt which provides locking points along the top and bottom of the window. Additionally, you can opt for an elegant espagnolette locking system to stop anyone from opening the window from the outside.
  • Ven – For those who require more ventilation in the home, some windows can include an air vent or a trickle vent.

Choose From Euroline Steel’s Elegant Windows

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits to installing steel window products. The material is not only durable, but they also come in so many types that it can fit into all design profiles. Steel windows come at an affordable cost but require less maintenance and replacement than other metal options like aluminum.

There is also no need for intrusive features such as a wooden lintel that can be found in wood window frames, which often interrupts the design aesthetic. Overall, these advantages show why so many people are opting to install steel windows and doors in their homes.

Euroline Steel Windows provides elegant and customizable steel products to our customers, both residential clients and commercial firms. For more information about our products and services, get in touch with us today.

Author: Elyas Balta

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history in innovation and scalability in the luxury building materials industry. Passionate about inspiring and empowering others to grow in character and success. Determined in bringing art and engineering together to create and manufacture an exotic product line of steel windows and doors.