How To Repair Steel Windows, Your Way


Steel windows are the epitome of fashion, durability, and long-term commitment when it comes to your available options. Knowing that, perhaps it’s no surprise that repairing them is equally top-quality– doing so is both more important and more detail-oriented than cheaper window replacements out there.

If you’re looking to repair your steel windows, you must first decide whether you need to fully replace them or repair them. If you find that the foundation of the window is still completely intact and a full repair or replacement is unnecessary, then maybe just the glass or the locking mechanism needs work– in cases like these, most manufacturers offer sash repair kits. The sash serves as “the movable panel that forms the window frame,” which can make it easy for you to repair steel window frames without needing to replace the whole window– which can be pretty pricey!

Take a look below at a few materials that might come in handy when you’re fixing up a steel window:

What You Need to Repair Steel Windows

  • A utility knife
  • Silicone caulk
  • Replacement glass
  • A screwdriver
  • A tape measure
  • A pair of work gloves
  • Masking tape
  • A towel
  • A hammer

Once you have these tools in tow, take a look at the next step:

How to Fix Your Steel Windows

First of all, you must first measure your glass– and be precise with your measurements! Next, remove the glass panel and the sash from the window frame. If you have cracked glass, use your measuring tape to seal it up, cover it with a towel, and smash it completely with the hammer! That was fun, right boys?

Window glass in metal frames is held by clips, which you should then remove and hold onto so you can put in new glass with them.

Next, take out the old caulking, “run a bead of caulk” around the frame, and slide in your new glass. Then insert the clips and close it up using a screwdriver. The caulk should always be between the glass and the frame.

When the caulk is completely dry about a full day later, your mission is complete– say hello to your fully fixed-up steel window! Knowing how to do all this with your windows means you can take pride in knowing how to accomplish true steel maintenance!


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