How to Paint a Steel Door: A Step-By-Step Guide

Steel doors provide excellent security and weather resistance, but they must be regularly painted to prevent rust from forming on their surfaces. Below, we’ll discuss the step-by-step guide on how to apply a fresh coat of paint to a worn, scratched, or tired-looking steel door.

Steel doors are excellent at preventing wind and weather from entering our homes, and they are so durable that they can last a lifetime. However, the paint that covers them will not endure that long.

Therefore, if your client’s home has a metal front door, they will eventually have to repaint it. As with any painting project, the preparation will directly impact the final results, but this is not a particularly difficult DIY.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Painting a Steel Door

Before starting, be aware that doors painted prior to 1978 likely contain lead-based paint. If the door has lead-based paint, remove it according to EPA guidelines. Before commencing the project, have the paint tested if you have any doubts.

Step 1: Remove the Door

Know beforehand that paint drying times and environmental factors can make this a multi-day project. If you cannot secure your client’s home without the door, you will have to paint it in place, which could take even longer.

If you can remove the door without jeopardizing the security of the home, place a screwdriver underneath the head of the hinge pin and tap it with a hammer until you can pull it out. Do this with the remaining hinges, and then remove the door.

Step 2: Remove Hardware and Cover Areas that Will Not Be Painted

Prepare the door for painting first. After removing the door from its hinges, place it on two sawhorses or a large, flat surface. Strip away any removable weatherstripping and cover any hinges or hardware with painter’s tape. Cover windows and kickplates that cannot be removed with newspaper to protect them.

Step 3: Use a Degreaser to Clean the Door Well

In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, wash the entire door with a degreasing cleaner and then dry it with a towel.

Step 4: Sand the Door Lightly

With a dust mask and protective eyewear, lightly sand the door with fine-grit sandpaper (or a sanding block) to roughen the surface and remove any loose paint.

Step 5: Remove All Sanding Dust and Debris Left Behind

Wipe down the entire door to eliminate all sanding dust, and let the door air-dry fully.

Step 6: Apply Primer

If the door has a smooth surface, apply the primer with a short-nap roller and allow it to dry. If the door has recessed panels, begin by priming the inside panels with a small brush, then roll primer onto the mullion which is the vertical part between the panels, and rails which are the horizontal parts between the panels, and the outside edges.

Allow the primer to dry per the manufacturer’s instructions, and if required, apply a second coat in the same manner as the first.

Step 7: Apply Two Layers of Paint, Allowing Each to Fully Dry in Between

Apply at least two coats of exterior satin or semi-gloss paint to the door, following the same procedure as the primer and allowing the necessary drying time between applications.

If you must paint the door while it’s still on its hinges, plan to do so during a stretch of days with no rain in the forecast. Prepare the door one day, then apply the first coat of primer the following morning. If you begin early enough, the paint should have a chance to dry before you lock the door for the evening.

In order for the second coat to be dry by nightfall, begin applying it the following morning. Continue in this manner until all the necessary coats have been applied.

Step 8: Rehang Door After Removing Tape and Replacing Hardware

After the paint has completely dried, gently remove the painter’s tape and reattach any removed hardware or weatherstripping. In conclusion, rehang the door.

It’s incredible how a fresh coat of paint on a door can revitalize an entire look. If you provide adequate time for thorough preparation and drying, the revitalized front door will continue to look fantastic for years to come.

The Best Paint For Steel Door Projects

Water-based acrylic paints (also known as latex paints) and oil-based paints (also called solvent-based paints), as well as the majority of high-quality paints, should perform well on metal with the proper application technique. Consider using paint that is resistant to rust and fading and is suited for an exterior door.

Professionals frequently employ oil-based paints on metal surfaces since they are the most durable. However, these paints are more hazardous than their water-based equivalents, require a longer drying period, and are more difficult to clean up.

It’s up to you as a DIYer to determine what you’re up for and what’s within your skill set, but here are the pros and cons of both steel door paint types to help you decide.

Water-Based Paints for Metal


  • Quick drying
  • Simple to use 
  • Simple to use 
  • Easy to clean
  • Not prone to fading


  • Not totally rustproof
  • Less durable with time

Oil-Based Paints for Metal


  • Highly resistant to rust
  • Very sturdy


  • Quicker to fade
  • Long drying time
  • Increased toxicity

These are considerations to keep in mind while you complete the project. If you use oil-based paints, make sure to paint a metal door in a well-ventilated place (outdoor is ideal) while wearing a mask and gloves.

Is It Best to Hire a Professional to Do the Job?

This decision ultimately depends on your skill level and self-assurance. Painting a steel door is not necessarily a difficult task, but it is time-consuming and may expose you and your clients to toxins, depending on the type of paint they want.

If you have any doubts, contact a service provider for an estimate and determine whether it would be worthwhile to delegate the task.

If your client wants a full-door renovation, you can check out which is better a steel door vs. a fiberglass door, contact our team at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

Steel Doors vs. Fiber Doors: Which Is Better?

A sturdy and fashionable front door makes a home stand out and attracts attention. It provides peace of mind through security and it is one of those minor features that homebuyers seek. Therefore, it is essential to choose from a steel door vs. a fiber door for your home.

It is time to consider replacement doors if your client’s home exterior doors appear drab, lack convenient features, are damaged, or do not match the current style. Entry doors are a crucial element in enhancing the curb appeal of a home.

When you have questions about exterior doors or any other element of a home’s exterior, a reliable and trusted steel door manufacturer can assist you in acquiring entry doors you would genuinely love.

A frequent inquiry from homeowners is whether a fiberglass or steel door is preferable. Depending on the homeowner’s preferences and needs, both of these exterior doors can be beneficial.

Here is the difference between steel doors and fiberglass doors to provide you with a starting point as you make your decision.


Steel Doors

Modern steel entry doors are available in a variety of attractive designs, giving a variety of options to choose from. With the addition of decorative panels and other details, high-end steel doors can mimic the appearance of wood.

Your client may also opt for a sleek, contemporary style—they can be painted to match the aesthetic of the entryway.

Fiberglass Doors

Consider a fiberglass entry door if your client desires a stylish door that resembles wood but is easier to maintain. Many wood grains, including cherry, oak, and mahogany, can be imitated by fiberglass to create a beautiful appearance.

Typically, fiberglass is pre-painted or stained to achieve a customized appearance.


Steel Doors

Steel is a strong and durable door material overall. It is sturdy and will perform well for many years. However, in the absence of proper maintenance, the surface of steel doors can become scratched, dented, or rusted.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are typically a durable option. In contrast to wood, fiberglass is not affected by weather, moisture, or humidity. It is also rust-resistant. However, if struck with sufficient force, fiberglass can be dented or cracked.

Ease of Maintenance

Steel Doors

A steel door has a smooth surface that is simple to wipe clean of dust and grime. Do not rinse with a hose, as the steel surface is susceptible to rust. Scratched doors should be repainted in order to prevent rusting.

Fiberglass Doors

Cleaning fiberglass exterior doors is simple. Simply wipe the surface with a damp, soft cloth as necessary to remove dirt and dust. Rinse with a soft hose spray or a pressure washer on the lowest setting, this is because higher settings may dent the fiberglass.

Energy Efficiency

Steel Doors

Steel is more energy-efficient than wood. It also prevents air from escaping and driving up the utility costs. However, it lacks the durability of fiberglass. In addition, steel can become hot when exposed to sunlight and high temperatures, making it slightly less effective than fiberglass.

Fiberglass Doors

In terms of energy efficiency, fiberglass is unrivaled. As a result of its superior durability, it outperforms both wood and steel. And it is highly effective at preventing air loss, which impacts the utility bills.


Steel Doors

When it comes to a home security option, a steel entry door is a durable exterior door. Their thick, resilient nature can withstand almost anything. No thief will be able to kick a steel door down.

Fiberglass Doors

Glass is a lightweight material that provides adequate protection. This makes it slightly more susceptible to denting and manipulation.

Cost and Return on Investment

Steel Doors

Steel doors are the most cost-efficient option. A basic steel door is very inexpensive, and it is typically the most budget-friendly door material when compared to wood and fiberglass.

In addition, steel offers homeowners a return on investment of about 90%.

Fiberglass Doors

Typically, fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel doors but less expensive than premium wood doors. However, many homeowners prefer fiberglass because it lasts longer and is easier to maintain than wood and steel.

Fiberglass offers homeowners a return on investment of approximately 75%.

Make Your Client’s Home Stand Out With the Best Exterior Door

Both fiberglass and steel doors increase curb appeal, energy efficiency, and home security when considering front door replacements. The choice between the two materials should ultimately complement your client’s home’s aesthetic and be an inviting sight for guests.

A steel door is indeed stronger and more durable in terms of long-term use—making it the ideal choice for your client’s entry door.

However, we’ve listed down some tips to help you decide between the two alternatives if you are still unsure:

  • Examine several door brands for style and cost variations
  • Consider how your climate may influence your decision
  • Visit showrooms to examine colors and textures in detail
  • Consider adding glass panels to your home to let in more natural light

When your clients are ready to invest in exterior home improvements, it is advisable to choose a steel front entry door replacement. Its simple but modern architectural detail can give a home’s entrance a unique charm and elegance that will impress guests and make the owners proud.

Our team at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors enjoys assisting California architects and builders. We’re available whenever you or your clients have questions about replacement entry doors or other exterior home improvements.

Regardless of the weather, there is never a bad time to invest in home improvements. When you’re ready to discuss the attractive, valuable doors and windows we can provide, please contact us for a consultation and quotation.

You call us at 877-590-2741 at Euroline Steel Windows and Doors today!

Why Cleaning Your Steel Windows Is Well Worth The Rub

window cleaner

When it comes to the superiority of steel windows, it extends to the simplicity with which they’re cleaned, too. In truth, steel windows’ easily-maintainable materials and styles make them easy to wash down and clean up! You can clean your steel windows quickly by following the three easy steps below:

  1. Spray a glass cleaner “onto each pane of glass” starting from the top and working down to the bottom. First, wipe down the outside of each window. Next, take care of the inside of each pane so the window is covered in cleaner.

  2. Wipe the glass cleaner away using a lint-free rag, and scrub it “in a circular motion.” This time, instead of starting at the top or bottom, start in the center: scrub the middle of the window pane first before working your way out to all four sides of the window. You can avoid streak marks by remembering to get all the glass cleaner off the window after you’ve applied it.

  3. Finally, if you’ve got an especially dirty window, you might have to go with a flat razor knife to graze off stubborn residue and grime. Remember to angle the blade and scrape tenderly so you don’t accidentally scratch the glass or otherwise-damage the window frame.

Now that you know the simple basics of cleaning your steel windows, take a look at what makes cleaning them the right way extra important:

Steel Windows Require Extra Care

Most steel windows come with “a baked-on finish”– but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember to wash the exterior frames every once in awhile with some soap and water. If your windows are well-past new and have some rust or corrosion spots, switch your attention to fine steel wool as well. This will gently clean off the window frame’s surfaces so it can look as new as the day you bought it! Window manufacturers usually have touch-up paint on hand, but even in the rare case that you can’t find any, you can always just use exterior grade paint often used on metal surfaces.

Cleaning your steel windows the right way is crucial to making sure they stay looking their best for the long haul, while inspecting them for damage every once in awhile can do even more wonders for their continued maintenance! By following these simple cleaning tips and understanding your steel windows better, you can rest assured knowing you’ve set your windows up for “years of trouble-free performance!”


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Superior Steel Windows Provide The Answer For Your Next Home Improvement Project


The windows of your home are often just an overthought– but they’re more important than you give them credit for. After all, when the winter months come around, what’s there to keep the cold out– and you warm? When torrential rain begins beating down on your home, what keeps everything inside it dry? When thieves go past your house when you’re not around, how much more convenient would flimsy windows look?

There’s no doubt that windows protect us much more than we often realize– knowing that, shouldn’t having the best windows be important? Steel windows are just that, as they provide narrow sight lines that “make the outdoors your main attraction,” are made of durable and stylish materials, and are as strong as their name would indicate.  Their aesthetically-appealing look has further rendered novice homeowners and architects alike absolutely incredulous at the benefits of steel windows– so why haven’t you given them a go?

Whether you want to start a window replacement project now, in the near future, or aren’t really sure when, knowing the benefits of steel windows now can help you make the right choice when that time comes to make the switch.

Let’s take a look at some specific benefits of steel windows:

  1. Strength and durability.

  • Steel is a whopping three times stronger than aluminum, ages way better than wood or vinyl, and always provides a classic, timeless appearance to all surrounding architectural entities.

  1. Advanced seals and glass:

  • Homeowners who install steel windows in older homes can retain the powerful look of steel with the additional function of “advanced seals and glass.”

  1. Appearance:

  • Steel windows provide a beautiful appearance that can be easily updated. 

But wait– steel windows aren’t done yet! They also provide a wide range of application with their high fire ratings for greater protection, not to mention equally-high standards for strength that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Although steel is usually the priciest of window materials, it makes sense as to why: you must pay for quality. If windows that last lifetimes, are incredibly durable, and come in a variety of different makes and styles is quality to you, then it’s time to consider steel windows for your next home improvement project. You won’t regret it!

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Steel Windows Provide Too Many Benefits To Overlook

steel windows

You don’t have to think twice: steel windows are important. So important, in fact, that architects use them for almost every type of building structure. This is because they look awesome just about anywhere, while also offering a stylish appearance.

Take a look at five key reasons architects stick so closely to these kinds of windows.

  1. Steel is super strong. In fact, when you stand it about against alternative window materials such as aluminium, it is more than three times stronger! This super strength helps it hold bigger, heavier panes of glass than other window options.

  2. Steel windows can offer “very narrow sightlines” because of how strong they are. This isn’t a featured quality when you use other materials such as wood, UPVC, and aluminium.

  3. Then, there’s the triple-V: these windows are very, VERY versatile. Whether you’re talking about a traditional Gothic house or a new-age office, steel windows will always fit the bill, looking elegant and sleek while blending right in to the existing structure. Their versatility allows them to be used in many building structures, ranging from churches to preschools, hospitals to retail stores, industrial factories to the comfort of your very own home!

  4. They live just about forever. Seriously, they’ll probably even end up outliving you, as their multi-generational appeal speaks to its longer-than-wood-or-aluminum lifespan. Some steel windows in Europe, for example, are more than a full century old– and they still look as beautiful as the day they were born (sorry, ladies). being over a century old and still looking great! Even right here in the good ol’ USA, there are steel window options that have lived more than three generations, before ultimately getting replaced because the glass or surrounding of the steel frame gets damaged (rather than the actual frame itself).

  5. They have a fire safety rating you can sleep easy knowing about. That’s one of the biggest reasons they are seen so often in office buildings. There are many fire-rated designs you can purchase, including many windows that have a great fire rating while also tacking on the previously-mentioned benefits of steel windows.

Clearly, there are some awesome reasons you should choose steel over the rest. While all window options probably carry some benefit, there’s no option that says as much about a good selection as steel windows.


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Why Your Door Material Should Make It Last Forever

metal door

When it comes to your front door, how often do you use it? Now, how often do you think about it?

Chances are, your answer to the first question probably involves a much bigger number than your response to the second.

But your door is worth a second thought.

When you install a new door frame, the material you use for it is crucial for its long-term sustainability. Specifically, the material you use for both its frame and its shutter will help dictate the relative “health” of your door over the long haul.

The primary kinds of materials you can use for a new door installation include wooden door frames, aluminum door frames, and metal door frames. Metal door frames can be further categorized as “pressed steel door frames, standard section window frames, angle iron frames, or T-iron frames.” 

Considering the prices of both wood and aluminum are high, most people choose door frames that are strong as steel: truthfully, metal door frames provide the greatest long-term investment. It’s environmentally-friendly, too!

Take a look at a few more of the awesome advantages of metal door frames below:

  • They’re strong– so strong, in fact, that they can hang tough against serious weather problems.

  • They’re burglar-proof, too– say bye-bye to any nighttime creepy crawlers!

  • They’re safe against fire.

  • They’re economically sound.

  • They won’t seem like a tasty meal to bugs like termites.

  • Metal frames are extremely versatile, meaning you can choose a style and design that fits your home’s needs!

  • Metal frames require less space when it comes to fixing frames, which allows for more open space for the door shutter.

  • They’re long-lasting, extending for many generations at a time!

  • They offer a higher re-sale value because of their increased efficacy.

With advantages like these, what are you waiting for? One company that specializes in the strongest, most valuable materials you’ll find for your home repairs and improvements is Euroline Steel Windows & Doors. Specifically, both its window and door options offer long-term value because of the great strength they offer your home. They’re very diverse, too, in terms of style and design, and they can even last for centuries– some examples of steel doors and windows in England have been around since before the 1800s!

It’s time you gave your door a final thought that’s worth everything.

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5 Reasons Your Windows Need Steel


Steel windows are pretty popular these days– and for good reason. They’re durable, they’re reasonable, and they last practically forever; check out five specific ways steel windows put a smile on your face below:

1. Steel Is Strong (As Steel)

One of the greatest benefits of steel window is its pure strength. Not only that, but it’s pretty durable, too. This great strength is a top quality all windows hope to emulate, as no buyer wants a weak window. Steel windows’ strength means it can be used for many generations if cared for normally.

After all, replacing windows individually sucks– avoid that whole expensive process by getting it right the first time, with steel windows. Overall, both the steel frame and the window panel are durable for years.

2. Steel Is Sleek (And Therefore Easy To Maintain)

Steel windows and easy maintenance are peanut butter and jelly. It’s so easy to clean, that it won’t even feel like a part of your weekend maintenance routine! Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising, since materials made from steel are not easily “warped and decayed.” It resists corrosion like a true champ so cleaning it is a cinch from the start!

3. Steel Is Stylish (Offering Plenty Of Designs)

Numerous designs and patterns of steel windows are available to you. Whether you go for old-time styles or new-age ones, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from! In truth, there’s no way you won’t be able to find the perfect fit for your home.

You can check out more information here about the design you’d like to choose.

4. Steel Is Sexy

When it comes to steel, it’s pretty much every home’s “type.” Simply put, steel windows are too beautiful not to be, regardless of the style you choose. You can make your house look even better by choosing the steel window design that has the best chance of being your home’s soul mate– after all, steel windows’ long-lasting durability and impressive guarantees ensure there won’t be a divorce anytime soon!

5. Steel Isn’t Susceptible To Fire Or Water Damage

Another huge advantage of steel windows involve the fact that they can resist torrential rains and aggressive fires. Its fire rating is excellent because steel is so stinkin’ durable– and it can take tons of pain! It can even withstand many other environmental factors not already mentioned (intense wind, for example).

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3 Important Reasons You Should Choose Steel Windows


Are you considering a home renovation project– one that includes some important window changes?

Whether it’s aluminum, wood, or steel windows, you’ll have many different options to choose from– but steel window options reign supreme.

That’s because steel windows are more durable, more long-lasting, and more elegant than all those other second-placers.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your home’s current windows, then perhaps you should consider the numerous benefits provided by steel windows. Considering steel windows can also offer a beautiful architectural bravado to your home, not to mention the fact that its smooth, clean window frame lines complement the majority of house styles perfectly. There’s no doubt steel windows are the best choice for you. Besides, their high security level and maintenance-free personality make it so that they never have to be painted or refinished later on. Check out some reasons why the unique styles of steel windows, along with the many choices available, allow you to rest easy on the other side of those panes below:


Even if you’re in the middle of redesigning a home (or are constructing a new one), you might not have ever met someone with steel windows. Well that can all change, starting with you! Just understand this: many industrial buildings, along with other kinds of businesses, use steel windows in their architecture. Considering they trust steel, perhaps it’s no surprise that more and more homes across the nation are not being built with steel windows. They come at reasonable prices, too, making it easier than ever to enjoy the same aesthetically-appealing window look that big businesses enjoy.


Steel windows are very appealing and come in different varieties when you think of design, style, shape, and size. The many benefits of steel windows include the fact that they are fire-resistant, not to mention better for the environment. Furthermore, they are also very strong, as their incredible durability lets them stand strong against earthquakes and other serious weather patterns.


Steel windows are not impacted by alterations in air moisture or extreme temperatures, and they do not mold like other kinds of windows. Furthermore, they aren’t vulnerable to wear and tear or chronic corrosion, and the vast majority are treated in ways that allow them to also be rust resistant.

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